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... AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT by Richard L. Crawford

Class of 1961

Falmouth Enterprise, Friday, December 23, 1960, Page 17

... AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT by Richard L. Crawford

(Richard Crawford is 16 years old. a senior at Bourne High School. He lives at Otis, son of Lieut, and Mrs. Marcus E. Crawford)

"This is the city, Bourne, Massachusetts. I work here; I'm a cop. My name Is Tuesday, Joe Tuesday. My partner's name is Sam.

"Sam and I were working the night watch down at the station. It was too bad we had to work that night; Sam's wife wasn't too happy about it; it was Christmas Eve. I'm single myself.

"Sam picked me up about seven that night. It was snowing and the slush on the streets made it hard going. The sky was lit up by the lights from downtown. People doing last minute shopping rushed around. On the way over we heard the craziest bells. It sounded like they were coming from the sky, but that was Impossible, of course.

"Sam and I checked in about seven thirty that night. We checked the book. So far there had been only three murders, sixteen holdups, one gang war; two riots, fifteen major car accidents and thirty minor car accidents. Quiet night so far. We figured that it was because it was Christmas Eve.

"Since nothing drastic was going on at the time, I got the coffee, Sam got the cards and we sat down to play a nice friendly game of cut throat poker. Sam was winning until I figured out how he was cheating, and then I out seated him and I started winning.

"We were right in the middle of an exciting hand when we got the first of many calls that were to come that night. It was a I complaint from a man who said that he almost had his head clipped off by some wild driver.

"Sam and I finished the hand of poker and then, since we didn't have anything else to do, we went over to see the man. He said that he had been walking along minding his own business when all of a sudden something swooped down on him from above. He said that if he hadn't ducked, he might have been killed. I said that we would call the Civil Aeronautics Board. These pilots are getting more reckless all the time.

"Sam and I headed back to the office. Heard those crazy bells again. We no more than got back to the office when we had to leave again. A lady called in and said she had seen a prowler. Sam and I went over to see her. We got a good description of the man. The lady said she looked out the window and saw a man with a white beard wearing a red coat and big boots. Sam and I looked outside and saw tracks in the snow. They went just to the street and then stopped.

"As we were about to return to the office, we heard yells from down the street. We investigated and found a man covered with snow standing In front of his house. He was shaking his fist at the roof. I went up to him and explained who we were and asked him what his trouble was.

He said that it was a crime the way kids ran around playing tricks on people. I agreed with him but said that that didn't explain his problem.

"Then he said he had heard strange noises on his roof and when he went out to investigate, a bunch of snow had landed on his head. Sam and I went up to the roof to see lf we could find anything. We found some more of those tracks in the snow. There were some strange looking lines that looked liked deer tracks. We told the man to calm down, and we would see what we could do. It was beginning to look as if there were a prowler in the neighborhood.

"When Sam and I got back to the office, bedlam was rampant. People were running back and forth. When we finally managed to stop someone long enough for him to speak to us, we found that people had been seeing unidentified flying objects all night. They had been hearing those crazy bells too;

"Just then we got a call from a man who said that he had seen a reindeer in the sky. I called the men ln the white coats. We had to calm the family and on the way over I looked but I didn't see anything out of the ordinary in the sky. Same old shooting stars, exploding rockets, satellites, moons and planes crashing into each other, nothing new.

"On the way back to the office I listened for the bells, but they were gone. Back at the office there were no more sightings of flying objects. I hoped that maybe we would be able to relax for the rest of the night.

"But we had no such luck. We had to go investigate a call from a lady who said that there was some fat guy caught in her chimney."

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