Sidney High School Class Reunion Is Happening, Join the SHS Class of 1969 March 20th Planning Meeting Notes Now!

SHS Class of 1969 March 20th Planning Meeting Notes SHS Class of 1969 March 20th Planning Meeting Notes


March 20th, 2019

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SHS Class of 1969 50-Year Reunion Planning Meeting Notes
6th Planning Meeting – March 20th, 2019 7:00 PM
Rood’s Tire Center (Thanks for Hosting!)

Those attending included: Dwayne Ahlberg, Keith Nienhueser, Loren and Geri Rood and Jim Copley

It was noted that our reunion now 5 months out

Recent posts to our class FaceBook page were discussed. Online digital archives of the “Telegraph” dating back to 1875 are available at the Sidney Public Library web site. It is key word searchable…pretty neat!

It was confirmed that St Pat’s would like to participate in a combined reunion. Jim will talk to their contact to get input for a press release.

Loren and Dwayne are in continuing discussions with Dude’s about dinner and negotiating pricing. Our date of Saturday August 17th has been reserved.

We discussed a registration form that Sandy White had developed. When pricing and Saturday events are finalized it can be updated and ready to go live.

Souvenirs: Sarah Johnson Bourlier called with input about souvenirs. Her nursing group’s reunion ordered coffee cups/mugs that were well received. We’ll include her suggestion in future discussions. Thanks Sarah! It was noted that souvenirs would add to the total per person cost which will be taken into consideration in any final decisions.

We discussed the approximately $700 on hand for a donation to the school. Timing for individual scholarships is probably short considering applications, review, awarding. Ten years ago, the district provided a list of potential purchases all of which were out of our budget. Steve Mattoon will talk to the school about a donation to the school foundation.

We began discussions about planning a program for Saturday evening which will certainly include a memorial to deceased classmates.

Dwayne and Jim got together Wednesday morning to update and share new classmate contact information. We have just about exhausted publicly available searches for still missing classmates. Many phone numbers and email addresses from ten years ago are no longer working. There are commercial lookup services that can provide US Postal addresses and phone numbers for a fee. We may consider their use for remaining missing classmates.

Loren can provide tables and chairs for the Friday evening at Steve’s house. He has a trailer and can load ahead of time. We’ll put out a call for a crew to help on Friday to set up. He can park the trailer at Keith’s house across the street until it’s time to pickup. Loren and Geri’s children have volunteered to help as needed. Thank you!

Steve will order PortAPotties for Friday evening and reserve the Shelter House as a backup venue in case of inclement weather.

We’ll meet again the third Wednesday in April which is the 17th.


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The class of 1969 experienced history on a regular basis: The Summer of Love, the Tet Offensive, Nixon's rise to power, The Beatles' creative peak... very few spans of time can claim to have shaped American culture as much as the late 60's, and you & your Sidney High School classmates experienced it together.

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