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***Dear Mesa Public Schools leaders and employees, Red Mountain High School former/current administration, teachers, staff, students, alumni, and citizens, businesses, clubs, organizations, associations of the Northeast Mesa, Arizona community and beyond,

I would like to invite and unite all of the members of the different clubs and organizations of the different school years at Red Mountain High School since the school's inception and plan a reunion event at the Red Mountain Multigenerational Center for clubs and organizations--academic, athletic, service-oriented, work-related, community-based associations at Red Mountain. The reunion will be an event for all to participate and remember from prior generations to this current school year's leadership administration, teachers, staff, and students.

By planning this event, I would like to create a network of communication between current/former students, staff, teachers and administration to plan out projects for community involvement, volunteer service and sponsoring the school's goals. This would allow for those that did not participate in high school to have a second chance to participate in it now.

I believe that this will evolve relationships with former/current students, teachers, staff and administration. It will also help reduce the drop out rate, provide greater community involvement, references/recommendations for university/junior college/technical school/scholarship applications or prospective job referrals, promote peer mentorship, and allow for greater tax incentives.

A reunion of this sort would also stimulate the economy of Northeast Mesa and Mesa, as a whole, and it would also actualize patronage of local businesses around the area, increasing revenue, promotion and sponsorship.

If you or your club, organization or business is interested in planning/sponsoring the reunion event, please be inclined to send me a message on Facebook, or please email me

If you are interested in recalling high school memories and sorting through Red Mountain memorabilia as well as improving your mental fondness of your Senior, Junior or Sophomore year at Red Mountain, I encourage you to reminisce by memory your involvements or contact Red Mountain High School, and ask for a class schedule or official transcript with your former teachers names on it and write/email/Facebook message them greetings, salutations and well-wishes.

Consider revising the yearbooks for your involvement in clubs and organizations and email/write/Facebook message these administrators, teachers, staff, instructors, students as well. Express how much you appreciated their influence of perspective on your earlier years. Share with them how much those memories of high school mean to you. Express your interest in supporting current clubs and organizations of Red Mountain--academic, athletic, service-oriented, work-related, community-based for your own fortitude.

I will be working on emailing/Facebook messaging my class years' and current class years' administration, teachers, staff, club members and fellow classmates to strengthen my ties with Red Mountain High School and enhance my memories to sort through the years. I will also be contacting members of the community for more collaboration for organizing the event and sponsorship.

I invite all who are curious of Red Mountain nostalgia to independently seek out reunion fulfillment upon themselves and become involved. Please let me know if interested and notify all of this message that you have contact with that feel the sentiment of devotion to the continuance of Red Mountain's influence in their lives.

In consideration of establishing a long-lasting legacy of Red Mountain High School spirit and support, as well as community involvement,


Scarlett Caquimbo
RMHS Class of 2005 Student Council Directoress of Clubs & Organizations
(As well as student, member and leadership official of clubs and organizations of Red Mountain High School campus such as Student Council, Model United Nations, Teens For Community, Best Buddies, Club Diversity, French Club, Club Reading Is Fundamental, Lions Pride Against Cancer and community involvement of that era including Valley Teen Leadership, Mayor's Youth Committee, American Legion Auxiliary Girls State, Silver Circle, Cesar E. Chavez Leadership Institute, American Coed Pageant, Phoenix Suns Charities Scholarship recipient, and Mahnah Club Scholarship recipient)

posted December 15th, 2014

20 Years

Red Mountain High School will have been open 20 years at the end of this year. In order to help us celebrate please feel free to e-mail memories, achievements, or other inforation to

posted October 18th, 2007

Mountain Lions Win State

The Lady Lions Girls Basketball team captured our first state title on March 7th 2007. The team dereated the Mountain View Toros with a score of 35 - 46.

posted March 8th, 2007

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Ambrolene Begay
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