PHS Class of 1965 - 55th Reunion PHS Class of 1965 - 55th Reunion


August 14th, 2020 6:00pm
(ending August 15th, 2020)


Moose Club & Grand Pointe Conference Center

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Hampton Inn
Comfort Suites

PHS Class of 1965 - 55th Reunion
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Recent Comments

Gale Smith '65 said:

As always, I look forward to seeing classmates at PHS.

gale smith

Bonnie Eaton '65 posted a photo:

Thanks for update and all of the good work you and the committee do!

Stay safe.

Rosalie Stoops '65 said:

As of today, 4/24, our reunion is still on. Final decision will be made by the first of June and all graduates will be notified by mail.

Thanks for the info, Rosie. Bob and I plan to be there! Thanks a million for all your hard work. Love you lots!!
Last reply posted April 27th, 2020

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