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Class of 1999 10yr reunion
Location: Where-the-Heck-Are-We Campground, Jay, ME - - - - The Hall and Sites have been reserved!!!
Details: Hello, everyone!! It is with great hope that this email finds you all well! Can you believe it has been TEN YEARS since we entered our homecoming rally to Crazy Train by Ozzy, and flew out of graduation to Party Like it's 1999 by Prince, or whatever he calls himself these days.....?!!?! Can you believe it's been TEN YEARS since we decided "Carpe Diem" would be words to live by, only at the time not necessarily realizing what it truly meant to "Seize the Day" because we were merely young, naive 18 year olds!! The River by Garth Brooks came out as our class song after lengthy deliberation....and I'll bet some of you country haters actually find yourself tuning in to listen to that twang now, TEN YEARS later! The time has come to reconnect with a huge part of our past, dig up old memories we've long since forgotten (or buried!!), and reflect on the reality that the halls of Mountain Valley High School that we roamed with 98 other classmates, really was a stepping stone in the evolution of who we are today. High school was a time to look back on and think about the people we befriended, teachers we actually liked, random assemblies, classes we just had to skip, weekend house parties, classmates we competed with for the highest grade in Biology, boys/girls who just broke our fragile hearts and made us feel that like was coming to an end, Friday night football games, need to sit at a certain table with certain people at lunch, and the list goes on and on. Reflecting on that time may make you cringe, smile, or it may make you laugh. It's presumed your response to that large part of your development brings about A LOT of feelings. Do you ever wonder who you might see next summer and realize you'd be great friends with now yet never had a single conversation with in high school?? What about those who you were close to back in the day but don't share a single thing in common with now?!?! It's fascinating to think about, and incentive to go to the TEN YEAR Reunion next summer! Here is what has been determined:: Date: July 25th, 2009 (5 classmates have pitched in with money so we have been able to reserve this date!! ) Price: $35 a person, $65 a couple Location: Where The Heck Are We? Campground 261 Davenport Hill Rd Jay, ME 04239 Website: Since the date is confirmed, please feel free to book your flights home NOW! =) As you may have already deduced by the name of the location, WE WILL BE CAMPING FOR THE REUNION!!!!!! After much deliberation, we chose to rent out a campground because: 1. We are still YOUNG.....let's do it while we can! 2. Most twenty-somethings are still 'finding themselves' so money to attend is a huge factor for them. 3. Lots of classmates live out of state so they will have to buy plane tickets to get back to Maine, so we didn't want a hefty reunion ticket price on top of that. 3. We had ZERO class funds to start with. 4. This is an affordable idea that will hopefully help build a small cushion for the NEXT reunion. We have tried to be diligent about tracking down our alumni. If we have missed you or anyone you know, let US know, so that we can get them important reunion information. Please send their email, phone, whatever you have, so we may contact them. Some don't have email, believe it or not, so we're doing our best to reach everyone by whatever means possible. Cost will cover renting the rec hall at the campground, renting a huge block of sites, food for the night, and music. Everyone will be responsible for bringing their own tents, coolers (and its liquid contents - which will also be whatever you intend to consume during the actual function portion of the day/night), firewood, bathing suits, and all your typical camping in ME goodies!! You can show up whenever you want on Saturday to use the campground facilities (pool, volleyball, chill at your site, etc) and pitch . We have rented the function hall from about 6-10pm to have dinner, introductions, socializing, reminiscing, music, etc. All the sites we've rented are clustered together, so after the events at the rec hall, we'll all reconvene at the sites, build fires, get comfy, and have a good time!!!!!!!!!!!!! Again, this email serves as an information source for the reunion so you can PLAN AHEAD. It's going to be a time to remember!! -MVHS Class of 1999 Reunion Committee *special note* You may contact Erin if you wish to pay via snail mail. If you pay by paypal, there is a $2 surcharge to cover the credit card fees.
When: Saturday, July 25th, 2009
Invited Classes: 1999
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