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Past Reunions:

T'Giving/March Reunion Rescheduled...I fucked up-NOW 5/24-5/26
Location: VFW Hall
Details: After a handful of false starts, I've finally got my shit together and this mother fucker will finally come to fruition. All plans are fully laid and this will be the kick ass reunion no one will ever forget.
When: Friday, May 24th, 2019 (multiple event dates, click here for full details)
Invited Classes: 1980
Event Details
Thanksgiving Reunion Rescheduled-NOW 3/29-31 2019
Details: Response for the Thanksgiving reunion was a major fail. Mike feels bad cuz right now I'm making bank from the commissions from sales of KHS merch. I want to reinvest this into a real kickass reunion this year. My schedule works best for the end of March, so please no asshats writing back and telling me I'm screwed cuz it's not a major holiday. If you really want to attend you can make it happen.
When: Friday, March 29th, 2019 (multiple event dates, click here for full details)
Invited Classes: 1980
Event Details
Thanksgiving Reunion
Details: Considering doing a Thanksgiving get together for everyone from the great class of '80. Last time I attempted this Mike got kinda reamed for not planning it over a holiday, so hoping all you lousy a-holes who dissed Mike have a change of heart and maybe Thanksgiving is a big enough holiday to satisfy you ingrates.
When: Wednesday, November 21st, 2018 (multiple event dates, click here for full details)
Invited Classes: 1980
Event Details
2017 Reunion-Doing it right this time!!
Details: Mike is ready for a no holes barred balls to the wall all classes reunion. Last year I tried and even though I made the 5 hour trek to Kennett, no one showed up when Mike asked to meet. Hopefully with a holiday and 4 day weekend we can get some action. Mike wasn't able to attend the very narrow based 3 class reunion this year, but wanted others to see me. Let's make this happen. Last year Mike booked the American Legion and paid in advance and absorbed the loss when no one showed. Being a large venue it would satisfy Mike again if we hold it there again, unless someone has a better idea. The floor is open to all opinions and Mike will listen to all thoughts.

2/10/17 Update: Mike is considering going against the grain and looking to reunioning at a unique location. Anyone have any ideas within the limits of Kennett? If you do send Mike a note to . Mike will appreciate your help!!

2/11/17 update: Mike received a nice email from a member of the class of 1984 asking Mike it we could do the reunion as a meet up at Las Margaritas. Mike doesn't speak Spanish and I can't hardly understand those people's accents, so Mike didn't call to check but does anyone know if that place is big enough to hold a all class reunion? You can answer here or direst to Mike at .

3/2/17 update: Thanks for all the input. I've considered each and every idea no matter how stupid some have seemed. I want to toss out the idea of a toga reunion. Everyone dresses in togas, and NOTHING else. I think it would be so stimulating to let everything out with nothing to hide. Who cares if someone shows their wee-wee or hu-hu. We're all adults who've known each other for 40-50 years. Thoughts are appreciated.

4/16/2017 update: Due to absolutely zero people interested in the Memorial weekend, I'm changing the reunion to the end of this year when I'll be in town anyway.

4/23/2017 Update: Mike is feeling better after getting a handful of responses and thumbs up about changing the reunion date. Seems like lots of people will be 'home for the holidays'. I've spoken w/ KHS and KJHS & they okayed tours during the Christmas break. One class member asked if any large vacant buildings are available for the reunion. Maybe something on the square or an old closed store on one of the main drags. Locals help would be appreciated and you can reach me at . .

5/3/17 Update: First, let me say Mike is a little teary eyed today after attending the funeral for Erin Moran. She lived a few blocks from Mike and kept a very low profile. Mike would see her from time to time at the Wal-Mart and we'd nod or say hi to each other. She always gave Mike a boner back in the 70s. I was able to shake hands with Donny Most and Anson Williams and hug it out, letting them know I was there. Moving on to happier thoughts, Mike is getting some nice responses and activity for the winter reunion. Keep the ideas coming as we will make this a reunion to remember.

7/30/17 Update...Mike owes apologies to all followers as it's been hospital time again. Bad ticker means every time Mike has a glitch it's a week in the hospital. Therefore no updates for the past few weeks. Mike is back home and again looking forward to the Christmas reunion. I'd like to hear your thoughts on how to make this the kick ass reunion I've been waiting for. Email me at . THANKS!!

8/1/17 Update: Thanks for all the uplifting notes and thoughts about our upcoming reunion. This really shows Mike who his true friends are and it's much appreciated!!! Mike will be making phone calls this week, securing location and caterers.

8/2/2017: Let's all say a short prayer for Mike's old buddy Paul Diggs who was critically injured over the weekend while boating. At last report he was in Memphis at the Trauma Center. Tough place to be as many who are taken in never come out, so come on old pal, get better so you can join us in December.

8/22/2017: Hard work pays off. Mike has been waiting to see how many people buy KHS merch from our online shop before shopping for our reunion location and this week was very good. Mike thinks country club might be a good option. Look at these sale figures Mike just got in his email at
Hello Michael,
Here is your weekly recap for KENNETT HIGH SCHOOL.
• Sales revenue generated: $386
• Orders processed: 8
• Cash back: $115.80
Your current balance is $487.21. You may transfer these funds to your verified Paypal account at any time. Thanks for using for all your reunion needs.
When: Friday, December 22nd, 2017 (multiple event dates, click here for full details)
Invited Classes: All Classes
Event Details
Party Time 35 1/2 Year Reunion
Location: American Legion Building
Details: After the 4th of July reunion went into the crapper, Mike is going to try it again. This theme will be 'party' as we will hold it over the New Years weekend. Drinks will flow and fellowship will be utmost in our minds. All classes are invited. Please book hotel early because all local hotels were booked well before the cancelled summer reunion. Class of '85 just put together a kick-ass reunion and I'm looking to do the same. Your help is definitely needed, so anyone in or near Kennett can be useful. Please send me a note at and let Mike know how you can help put this together.

10/29/2015 Update: Mike sent the first payment for rental of the American Legion building today. If you plan to attend our little reunion, please go ahead and forward funds to help offset these expenses. Also please check out the store Mike set up with KHS items. We will get 20% of all sales in commissions, plus many of the items would make great conversation pieces when we all get together.

10/31/15 Update: I wanted to thank everyone for the overwhelming amount of support Mike has received for this upcoming reunion. Mike will post more info as it becomes available.Looking forward to record attendance from all surviving members of all graduating classes from good ol' KHS!!!

12/1/15 Update: My apologies to everyone who has emailed over the past month. Hopefully Mike has contacted all who had questions or wanted to verify their attendance later this month. 4 weeks ago today Mike passed out in the local Wal-Mart bathroom and was rushed to the Louisville emergency center. By the grace of god I was stabilized and they found it was my heart out of rhythm and I lost consciousness and hit my head on a nasty toilet that hadn't been cleaned all day. Paramedics said if someone hadn't noticed me flopping around on the floor in another 10 minutes or so, someone else would have been planning this reunion and you guys would have been burying me instead. Mike is back to about 90% and ready to move on with this reunion get together. So far we have 36 who have paid and will join us, while I've gotten about 20 maybes. Hopefully we can get this number up to 100 since the VFW holds room for many more.

12/3/15 Update: Mike wanted to take a minute and thank everyone who has order KHS mdse. through the website. Earlier today I found we have made $108 in commissions that will be put toward paying for the building and decorations for the reunion later this month. Thanks again for your help!!

12/9/15 Update: Just 3 weeks away from our reunion. Mike spoke w/ the Super 8 and Motel 6 locations in Kennett and they have very few vacancies remaining for the reunion dates. If you are still on the fence about joining us, make a decision now. Also, when you call to book your room mention the New Year's reunion. Mike negotiated a special deal for all you classmates and families. We currently have 116 confirmed attendees(including members and family paid). You may also pay at the door, but Mike would like RSVP to my email so I can plan accordingly for food and adult beverages. Please remember the American Legion Building is gun free and smoke free zone. Please check your weapons, ammunition and cigarettes at the door so we can enjoy the reunion and not worry about a misfire or second hand smoke.

12/10/15: Special request: Does anybody have extra 6' or 8' foldable tables that could be brought to the reunion? We're going to need some extra table space and I'm guessing we're about 5 tables shy. Let Mike know ASAP at and we'll set up a time to meet someone locally in Kennett at the Legion building so they can be stored until the night of our set up. Thanks in advance-Mike

12/22/15 Update: Everything is in place for a very special reunion. Those who want to get together early and talk to Mike about last minute plans, I plan to be in Kennett on 12/30 to start the set up. All help will be appreciated, as my health isn't 100% and lifting tables and chairs isn't under Mike's doctors orders. I'll do what I can, but someone w/ a good ticker needs to do heavy lifting. Let's meet at Las Margaritas around 5 on 12/30. Email Mike at if you'll be eating Mexican that night. It's my treat so enjoy.

12/28/15 Update: Getting everything packed and ready. If anyone else wants to meet at the Las Margaritas we will be there at 5:30 Wed. night. Just ask Emilio for the Brown party when you enter.

12/29/15 Update: It's 8 p.m. and I'm heading to bed. All packed and ready to see everyone starting tomorrow night. I hope everyone has a great time and Mike is looking forward to shaking everybody's hand. If you're one of the 100 or so fine ladies who 'did the deed' with Mike back in high school(or Jr. High), let's not say anything and avoid embarrassing situations with past or present husbands/wives. What's in the past should stay there. ; )

12/30/15 at 7:00 p.m.: Where is everyone? I've been here at the Las Margaritas for over an hour and nobody. Slightly disappointed and hoping we have a good turnout tomorrow night. I'm going over to the Legion building and start the set up. I have trouble lifting by myself but I will do my best. I have wifi so email me at if you're coming out tonight.

1/1/2016: What the hell is up people!! NOBODY shows up from 7-11 last night after I sweated over getting tables and favors set up?? Has this been one big joke played on Mike??? Well if it has go "F" yourselves because I'm not trying this again.

1/1/2016: 8:20 p.m. No one is here again so I started disassembling all my work. Mike is very depressed and disappointed. One would have thought someone might have shown up. Well, this is my last attempt. Give Mike a call when someone else sets up a reunion and maybe I will come. I should be finished here in an hour or so and will be making the 5 hour drive back to Corydon in the middle of the night. I have no interest in staying here with no friends.
When: Thursday, December 31st, 2015 (multiple event dates, click here for full details)
Invited Classes: All Classes
Event Details
KHS Class of 80 40 Year Reunion
Location: Kennett Country Club
Details: Admission includes free 90 minute guided tour of KJHS and KHS on July 3 from 1-5 p.m.. A variety of juices and dry snacks will be served at no charge to reunion members and their guests while supply lasts. Also, each paying member will have the opportunity to personally, under the supervision of a licensed pyrotechnics expert, shoot off one super size roman candle at the annual Kennett Fireworks Shootation on July 4 at sunset.

4/22/15 edit: C'mon people...We need momentum to make this a kick-ass all ages reunion. I can count my RSVPers on one hand and we need more than this. If you don't want to post it up in here, email me direct at and I can tell you where to send your non-refundable check or money order payment.

5/2/15 Update: Okay folks this is more like it. I've had 11 inquires this week and 6 paid. Lots of fun coming up over the 4th of July weekend!!

5/6/15 Update: Mike has enlisted the help of a '80 classmate who prefers to stay anonymous online due to hackers and stalkers, but he is going to help Mike set up this reunion. We currently have 9 people planning to attend, if you include my friend, myself and his family. If you receive a note from someone requesting info that has a hotmail account it's safe. He knows quite a few of the old Kennett graduates and emails so this will help us get more people into town over the 4th. I've also set up a special reunion rate at the Super 8 across from the Country Club. It's through Priceline and has been added to their Express deals until filled for any or all of the dates starting 7/2/15 and ending 7/6/15. Mike also worked out an agreement to have the Jr High and High School tour bus pick up at this location to save gas for all attendees.

5/8/15 ticket update: The ticket processor on this site honks bobo, so Mike is making a change. These guys here are taking a 20% cut of the action. If you can get the ticket site to work, don't even try to buy. Mike is planning to set up a ticketing booth at the set up night and also front door for the actual reunion and pricing will be reduced. A single admission w/ 1 buffet, shoot off and school tour was $49.95, but at the door it will be $39.95. A couple cost goes down from $90 to $75 and family admission w/ unlimited buffet/bus tickets and children is now $99. The unlimited will include 2 shoot offs max at the 4th of July show. This reunion is starting to take shape and Mike is very happy to have 23 confirmed class members/family members on our list. More info to come as it becomes available.

5/11/15: BIG NEWS!!-Mike has successfully signed on Ian Bairnson of the group Pilot(top 5 hit Magic in '75) to perform at the Sat. reunion. No extra charge added to reunion price. He will perform unplugged the hit song from Pilot and DJ for 60 minutes during our dinner. Autographs will also be available after the show. A good time will be had by all.

5/28/15: Looks like we're up to about 50 total attendees so far, so this is a nice start. Mike has one question. Many of the reunion guests plan to come in early. Anybody have any ideas about anything to do anywhere? Possibly a group tour of the downtown square and wrap it up with a group showing at the theater? Mike talked w/ the new owners and they could shut down one showing for a group. If you like this or have another idea post it here or write to Mike at .

6/9/15: Guys we are rapidly approaching the 4th of July reunion. Mike is totally stoked to have so many attendees signed in and planning a blast of a weekend. Now Mike needs a favor from as many of you as possible. Mike has been in contact with the Super 8 hotel and they tell me most nights are booked, but they can't give out personal info on who from our reunion group has reserved. Can any and all who've either booked a room(either at the 8 or Days Inn), plan to stay w/ friends or relatives or know they won't be in Kennett during this reunion, please drop Mike an email so I know how many to tell the bus service for their planned pick up for the school tours? Thanks from Mike and I'll see everyone in about 3 weeks.~Mike

6/10/15: Mike wants to thank everyone for their replies. Mike has decided 2 of the high school long buses should accommodate everyone who's staying at the 2 main hotels. Mike has been told by a couple of classmates the motel behind the Dairy Queen(was the Ken Motel in our high school days) and the 84 West motel have rooms available for the weekend of July 4th if needed. My current count has 124 confirmed attending and per the norm many others will show unannounced. This makes Mike very happy, considering how poorly some of the past reunions have been attended. Also if anyone would like to bring mix CDs from the 70s and 80s we will have a sound system and encourage reliving the music of our time. We'll also have a minute of silence for all class members lost since graduation and if you have any memorials please bring them as well so we can set up a display.

6/12/15: Folks, Mike needs some help getting the KCC set up on the evening of July 2 and possibly the morning of July 3 if we procrastinate too much. Who's coming in early and could put in a little manual labor with me?

6/14/15: Thanks for all the messages offering help for the evening of July 2. We should be good to go. Can Mike get someone to assist at the door on July 3 checking those who haven't paid and collecting their entry fees? I'm sure I'll be expected to browse the room and in demand to speak w/ all my former classmates. Just 3 weeks from 2 days ago we'll all be celebrating--CAN'T WAIT!!

6/18/15: 2 weeks from right now we'll be setting up for the reunion of a lifetime. Anyone that gets there early is invited to come help.

6/20/15: Just 12 days until we once again join together as one in our old hometown. Looks like we should have around 130 attendees not counting whoever shows up unannounced. Mike wants to thank all who have worked so hard to get names and email addresses to contact so many of our classmates. We have decided to offer a movie at the newly remodeled Palace(Kennett) Cinema. Our group will be allowed entrance w/ no others making it a very intimate affair. This will bring back many memories for Mike, as I got to second base w/ many girls in the back row of this theater which led to getting laid later that night more times than not. If you will be able to join us please drop me a note at .

6/21/15: The countdown is down to 11 days. Can everyone bring their original annuals from their KHS years and share? Mike would love to view them and also add my signature for posteriorty.

6/22/15: If you are bringing a yearbook to the reunion will you email Mike at with the year? Mike would like to cover as many different KHS years as possible.

6/22/15(part 2): Anyone who is having trouble booking a local room at this late date, Mike has heard some rooms are available at Hayti hotels by the interstate. With the new highway from Hayti it should only be 10-15 minutes tops.

6/23/15: Mike needs a head count for the Sat. night shootation at the KCC. If you plan to shoot that night or any family member Mike must turn it in by June 29 so they have an accurate count of people vs. roman candles. Either email Mike at or post it here. Thanks guys!!

6/24/15: Thanks guys for the replies. Right now we are at 47 planning to join us at the KCC shootation. Mike has to know by midnight on 6/28 if you want to shoot off while in Kennett one of the super size roman candles. You can come as late as 9 p.m. on July 4 and still participate, but we must know by Sunday night so Mike can forward all the names on Monday morning the 29th.

6/26/15: Have you ever had that awesome warm & fuzzy feeling that you've actually accomplished something when the odds were totally against you? Many said Mike could never pull off this reunion especially without much help. Now we're less than one week away and I have commitments from almost 200 people to meet at the KCC and get our groove on, then relive our days at KJHS and KHS, take in a first run movie being screened exclusively for us and wrap it all up by personally getting to shoot off a firework normally exclusively set up for professionals. This makes Mike feel successful considering my poor health and challenges I've overcome. Thanks to all and Mike will see you next week.

6/29/15: Guys we're in the home stretch now. Just a couple days and this will all start taking major shape. Mike plans to leave IN early in the afternoon on Wednesday and staying at Super 8 until Monday morning. If anyone wants to meet me around 7 Wed. night and grab some mexican at the Las Margaritas up the road Mike would like to tie one on that night to celebrate the upcoming reunion. I remember they made some awesome margaritas there. Mike is bringing scrapbooks of living the dream of 4 years at KHS and will gladly share while we do dinner.

7/3/15: The weather between Indiana and Kennett has been really bad for the past couple days and being scared of severe storms Mike never had a chance to make the trip to set up our reunion. So Mike is cancelling this weekend's reunion and will reschedule at a more convenient time to avoid the possibility of being caught in poor weather conditions. If you have sent in your payment, it has already been processed for payment to one of the many activities we had planned. A portion will still be available to fund the next scheduled date, which should probably be Labor Day weekend. If you have paid, Mike will only ask for a small second payment for the new reunion. Watch this site for further updates and enjoy your 4th. Thanks to everyone who has participated over the last few weeks. Hope to see you soon.

7/6/15: C'mon people. The emails I've received over the past few days have been very uncalled for. The language, threats, etc. are way too much. I understand the reunion was canceled a little later than I'd have liked, but would you prefer Mike chance driving into the teeth of a tornado and die or have your precious reunion. So you invested a few non-refundable dollars and drove to Kennett. You still were able to see the town and hopefully met a few old friends. Mike has already decided to start planning for the postponed reunion over the Labor Day weekend. And as a favor Mike will be covering 10% of everyone's cost to attend. Plus the Super 8 has extended their offer of discounted rates when your mention the reunion. Let's all hope for better weather and a bigger turnout than the 200+ who were scheduled for last week!!
People, make sure you check your spam filters for these updates. I found 2 went to my spam folder. If you don't check you'll miss them.~Mike
When: Friday, July 3rd, 2015 (multiple event dates, click here for full details)
Invited Classes: All Classes
Event Details
Class of 1959 Reunion
Location: KHS '59 Class Reunion
Details: OCT 17-Treat yourself to Bill's BBQ and pick up info packet 5:30 -7
OCT 18-Library Hall of Fame and Genealogy tour 10-12:00
Dunklin Co Museum down town old City Hall 2-3:30
KHS tour by HS assist Principle 3:30-4:30
Heavy hors d'oeuveres DJ 6:30-?
OCT 19 Farewell Gathering S Price Hm 11:00-3:00 Please RSVP
Oct 19-
When: Friday, October 17th, 2014 (multiple event dates, click here for full details)
Invited Classes: All Classes
Event Details

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