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John Hersey High School Class Of 1972 50th Reunion


September 30th, 2022
(ending October 1st, 2022)

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If interested please RSVP to

Class of 1972 50th Reunion
Reunion Committee

Jim Psaras

Jim Psaras

Co-ringleader And Accomplice.

Invited Classmates

Recent Comments

William Milam '72 said:

Well we are just about there but haven't heard from many of you. Please go and sign up. If you not attending please consider do fill out an entry at so we can include you in a "How did they turn out" kind of thing. That will be finished later this year. But please do get in touch!

William Milam '72 said:

Once again we would like you to register at Even if you are not attending it would be nice to hear from you. We plan to use the information from the myevent page to create a document, likely electronic, of what happened to everyone. Just over 4 months so sooner is better.

William Milam '72 said:

While we appreciate you ticking a box on this site, we would really appreciate you sending an email expressing your interest(s) to If you cannot attend but want to keep up please send that email. Also register at the myevent page which you will get a link to via autoreply when you send that email.

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