Class of 1981 reunion Class of 1981 reunion


July 10th, 2021 6:00pm
(ending July 11th, 2021 11:00am)


Kodiak Jack's
Two rod Rd , Marilla , New York , 14052

Invited Classes

1980, 1981

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Iroquois Class of 1981 Reunion Registration (

Iroquois High School: Class of 1981 – 40 Year Anniversary (

Class of 1981 reunion
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David Kaszubowski '81 said:

Thanks This is David Kaszubowski,
Very likely To Attend Reunion cites:
Please list me for Kodiak JaX : Misters
May be of same day Please give follow- up info for PrePayments Venmo/PayPal
Hey sounds great to Reunion 40 Thankyou
Maureen ThankYou

Arnold Wilkolaskli '81 said:

Hi everyone!

Well, we’re 4 weeks away from our 40th Reunion weekend with the Class ’80, and 3 weeks from having to report numbers to Kodiak Jack’s. So much for that diet I meant to start 6 months ago!

OK. So, here’s where we are with events:

Friday, July 9: 3pm Tour of ICHS by Principal - Dean Ramirez, Ed. D.

8pm Misters (Old Victoria Lanes in EA) Casual, non-official gathering.

Saturday, 7/10 8:30am Tour of ICHS by Principal - Dean Ramirez, Ed. D (for golfers?)

10am Golf Tee Times – Groups of 4, pre-registration required

11am Elma Meadow Club House – Small walking groups go to walk around the Park

12noon Club House - Zumba led by Lynn Perry Parker (outside, weather permitting)

1-2pm Club House – “Getting Past ‘How Are You?’”

A quieter opportunity to share the basics about what you’re up to so you can move past that basic set o questions with a bunch of people by Saturday night.

6pm Kodiak Jack’s – live band (outside), cash bar, minimum food purchase required (included in the $25 fee). Still working out a virtual option for those who can’t come.

Sunday, 7/11 10/11 A la carte brunch – Misters (if we can get 40 people registered, they will open at 10am and we will have the place to ourselves for an hour. Otherwise, reservation for 20 at 11am. THIS IS NOT ON THE REGISTRATION PAGE so please let us know if you’re interested in this event.

Please register through one of the links below and also let us know if you WILL NOT be joining us. If you want to join us for Kodiak Jack’s, I hope you’ll consider pre-payment. If you can do that, I will circle back to you to arrange pre-payment through PayPal or Venmo (let me know which you’d prefer.)

Iroquois Class of 1981 Reunion Registration (

Iroquois High School: Class of 1981 – 40 Year Anniversary (

And, of course, let me know if you have any questions. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll get one for you.

So good to be back in touch with you all,


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