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Ron Roder Obituary

Ron Roder attended Ellison High School in Killeen, TX. View the obituary, post a memory, or share a photo about Ron Roder.

Graduation Year Class of 1984
Date of Passing Jul 29, 1984
About Ron graduated in 1984 and was President of the Vocational Club. Unfortunately, my brother Ron was killed weeks after graduation in a horrible automobile accident on Stagecoach Rd. in Killeen. Ron had a son with Dawn Robinson whom also attended EHS. Dawn moved away from Texas and Ron made an attempt to see his son but was not successful because the door was shut in his face. Soon after his trip to see his son, Ron was killed and died without ever seeing his son. My mother and I have always wanted to get in contact with Dawn Robinson in hopes to reunite. If anyone has any information that could lead us in the right direction in finding Dawn Robinson, please send information to Sandra at
My brother Ron was a wonderful person and cared about people. He will always remain in my heart! If any of you knew my brother and have to stories to share, I would love to hear them.


Ron Roder