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Mikie (michael) Acierno Obituary

Mikie (michael) Acierno attended Ellison High School in Killeen, TX. View the obituary, post a memory, or share a photo about Mikie (michael) Acierno.

Graduation Year Class of 1997
Date of Passing Dec 26, 2009
About Mikie, my brother, passed away Dec 26, 2009. Mikie loved playing paintball and had his own team, "Bad Kitty". He also liked to draw and was amazing at it. He will be greatly missed. You can visit him at the Garden of Memories in Killeen off of 195 going to Austin. It's on the right next to Calvary Church (blue roof). Look for the Big Angel and he is right behind her.
Mikie (michael) Acierno