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Robin Martinez

Class of 1999

Robin has been through a lot in her short life. She graduated from highschool. Went to Nursing school at Montana Tech the University of Montana and got her Associates of applied science LPN degree in 2001. She met her Husband Jason in 2003 and they fell in love. Jason had 2 children from previous relationships. Anthony his oldest was 7 and Glen was 3. He and Robin began a life together raising Glen in there family as his mother was to busy with drugs to care and Anthony lived in Butte Montana where they lived so he was there on weekends. Robin worked in a Clinic with a great physician named Dr. Heaton, But Jason became unable to work in 2004 when they found out he had a herniated disc in his neck. So in winter of 2004 Jason underwent an extensive cervical fusion with Robin right there by his side. After surgery it would take him at least a full year to recover with hard physical therapy. The road would definately not be an easy one but all the time Robin was there through it all. Jason propsed Marriage close to the end of the year and of course Robin accepted. They married Jan 8 2009. Shortly after there marriage they went to court in March and were granted full custody of Jasons son with his biologic mother only allowed to have supervised visits. So now they decieded they wanted to have another baby to there wonderful family. So they tried and tried and with no success in April they finally quit trying after fertility pills and specialists said it would just happen when it was time. So in May Robin felt a little discomfort and checked a UA at work and what did it say.... She was pregnant with the baby they had tried so hard to have. Life was going great. The year flew by like every year does when you are watching children grow and awaiting a new baby. They found out it was a boy and picked the name Robert John after there family members. Everything seemed to be so perfected. It was december and christmas was just around the corner. The night of the 22nd, Anthony was staying the night and he wasnt feeling well so Jason stayed home with him while Robin and Glen went down to her Parents to see Joey and his new baby boy carter and his family for a visit as they were in for the holiday. Robin called home and Anthony was feeling a little better so she stopped and picked up some dinner before they headed home. After they ate dinner Jason insisted that Robin open her Christmas present that he had bought her. She argued but finally did and it was a beautiful bracelet with a red heart. She gave him a big hug and they went and put the boys to bed. That night when Jason and Robin were in bed. Jason said That is the first time I have got to cuddle with Anthony since he was a little boy. Robin smiled and said there will be many more times to cuddle with him and all our other babies. The kissed each other goodnight and went to sleep. Around 130 am Robin woke to Jason sitting up on the side of the bed. She asked him what was wrong and he said I just have a headache. Nothing unusual go back to sleep You and the baby need to. So they both layed back down and went to sleep.. Then around 345 Robin woke and she glanced over at Jason. He wasn't breathing very well and his lips were a shade of purplish blue. She shook him but he would not wake up. So she dialed 911. The Ambulance came and they took him to the hospital. Robin waited anxiously for Jason's mother to get here so she could go to the hospital as soon as possible. In about 10 minutes Jason's mom arrived and his step father ran Robin to the ER. When she walked in to St. James Hospital and told them who she was they said to go to the back door and they would open it . When She pulled the door open a nurse was standing there. The nurse said I am sorry Robin but Your husband is in cardiac arrest and we are doing everything we can to save him. IIs there anyone we can call for you? Robin said call Dr. Heaton... The nurse mumbled hes not on call. She yelled tell him I am here and call him now. She scurried way to the phone as Robin walked over to the front of the room where she stood watching them code Jason. IT seemed like an eternity but after about 20 minutes his heart was beating again but they still had to breath for him with a machine. By this time. Dr. Heaton had arrived and was asking the ER physician what was going on. Then he came over to Robin and said they are going to send him up for CT to see what caused him to code and put him in the ICU for a while. She knoded and he hugged her. About 15 minutes later Robin and the rest of her family and Jasons family were in he ICU waiting room waiting for him to return from radiololgy. Dr. Heaton came out and said he is back in the room and everyone went rushing in to see Jason. He was hooked up to every tube imaginable. The ventilator made lots of nose as it inhaled and exhaled for him. Dr,.Heaton came in and said the CT showed a brain bleed. This is the reason that he coded. We will have to do another CT in an hour to see if there is any damage. So Robin and all the family sat in the room holding Jason's hands and wishing for the best. Im about an hour. Dr Heaton and Dr. VarnaVas the Neurosurgeon that did Jasons other surgery came in and took him down to radiololgy to make sure they got all the right views of Jasons brian. Everyone in the family waited in the ICU waiting room pacing and hoping for the best. It seemed like forever to Robin but Drl Heaton came back about 45 minutes later. He asked to get everyone together. So we all gathered in the waiting room. He sat down and said there is no easy way to say this but Jason's white matter mxed with his grey matter and this means he is most surely brain dead. Robin couldn't believe what she was hearing . She looked at Dr. Heaton and said I want to know the truth on what is the chance he will get up and walk out of here and be anything like he was. Dr. Heaton said less then 5 percent. We will run some tests for 24 hours to be sure but he is brain dead. We would like to know what was Jasons wishes on Organ Donation. Robin said Yes he wanted to donate everything he could to help someone else. So the rest ot that day was a blur to Robin besides the contractions and her mom calling her OB and getting her a sedative to stop her from going in to labor. The next morning the family all met in Jasons room for one last test. the Apnea test. If he didn;t breathe on his own when they unhooked the ventilator for 2 minutes he was considered completely brain dead and they would hook it back up so everyone could say goodbye and then they would Harvest his Organs. Well Robin said those were the longest 2 minutes of her life but he didn't breathe. She crawled in bed with Jason placed his warm hand on her pregnant belly and said. I love you and will always love you. See you again some day.. and she finished her goodbyes and left the hospital with her parents.

After everyone said there goodbyes Jasons organs were harvested and flown to the people who would get a new chance at life. One man who Robin still talks to whenever she can Mickey got Jasons heart on Christmas day. 2 other people recieved his kidneys one woman and one man. Many other people also benefited from his gift of life. One persons donation can save 50 lifes.

On December 30 2005 Robin went to court and retained custody of Glen her step son with her mother advised to get a lawyer and she still only had supervised visits every other weekend. The judge told her there are bonding issues here and I am not taking this lightly. So Robin kept her son and went home.

Exactly a month later on Jan 24th from when Jason died. His new son Baby Jason JR was born. He was a healthy little boy 7 lbs 4 ounces. He was such a beautiful little boy and Robin was so strong.

Skipping a little ahead to the future now It is April 2009 and Robin is doing great. She has full custody of Glen who is age 9 now he will be 10 in october. Baby Jason is 3 and a half and keeps her running a mile a minute . She also just got ingadged last christmas eve.. Ironic huh to a wonderful guy Granger. Robin still talks to Mickey the man who got Jasons heart transplant and he just celebrated his 3rd new birthday with no rejection. Her word of advise are remember someone always has it worse them you do but some day it has to get better...

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