Class 63 55th year reunion Class 63 55th year reunion


September 22nd, 2018 10:00am


Undetermined - Please send suggestions.

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Dave Pomeroy suggests to make this a loosely structured event where those wishing to attend will just drop by a certain place.

"I also think if we could secure an agreement with a facility in the range of the high school it would make good sense.

It would be great if we could identify a place where we do not have to make a formal body count commitment but also be assured they could accommodate 50-75 guests, an approx. guess.

The back patio area of the Moose Preserve is fairly extensive, quite pleasant indeed. Not sure if that would work. The old Kingsley Inn is being remodeled. Uncertain about that. Meets the geographic test."

Fred Elias, Fred Bailey. JB Bologna and Tim Kroll have shown interest.

Class 63 55th year reunion
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