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Woodsville High School 61st Celebration Of The Living And The Dead. = 8~d



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I am just looking for suggestions.
Maybe we could even include or do an online, "Face to Face", meeting via computer screen.
The way technology is taking off, who knows? Maybe a hologram meeting? Last time I visited my brother David & relatives at a family reunion, I asked about my friends and classmates and every time got answers like, "Oh, he (or she) passed away several years ago." Then I'd ask about someone else. After hearing the same answer too many times, I asked if anyone was still alive that I knew. Smart remark came back: "Probably not!" - - Is there anybody out there? Then, for my last birthday I got my life insurance paid for by my son and questions about my will. I am now taking an internet course, from MIT on Stem Cell cell research that can extend your life. Here in Kentucky is where, "The Coal Miners Daughter", Loretta Lynn. sang, "Everybody wants to go to Heaven but nobody wants to die." She and I agree, never-the-less, I am trying to behave better because - - I might die when I get to be 900 years old or so.
Let's get to together and celebrate what life we got left. Feel free to call me at 1-(270)-993-4236 (cellphone). If I'm in a, "Dead Zone", I'm still alive; my cellphone is dead because of reception problems. Just call my land-line, home phone, 1-(270)-684-6849 and ask for, "Tom JR", not "Tommy". 8~)

61st celebration of the living and the dead. = 8~D
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