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Williamsville North 50th Reunion!

Dear Members of the Class of 1971,

2021 is just around the corner. It’s hard to believe that it will be 50 years since we graduated from Williamsville North. Is anyone interested in a reunion!?! Let’s get together and remember the good old days (before COVID 19) when life was “normal”.

We are looking at some time in July/Aug of 2021. In order to make this reunion a success, we need your input.
1. Would you prefer a weekend or mid-week gathering? Possibly a Thursday?
(Keep in mind that summer is prime-time for weddings. Mid-week may be easier to book a venue).
2. Do you want to invite teachers? There may still be a few around.
3. Do you want a tour of the school?
4. Do you have event and/or venue suggestions?

In researching other reunions, we have found that the 50th reunion is frequently a 2-day event. How does a late afternoon gathering with dinner on day 1 followed by a late brunch and informal gathering the next day sound? Maybe a Thursday and Friday?

In order to keep costs at a minimum, we will be communicating electronically whenever possible. The Williamsville North website at alumniclass.com will be our primary source of communication. (www.alumniclass.com/williamsville-north-high-school-spartans-ny) We will also be monitoring the Classmates.com website (www.classmates.com). PLEASE spread the word to any classmates that you may see or talk to and have them join one of the websites so we can communicate with them. As this may be our last reunion, we want it to be memorable! It would be great to have as many of our fellow classmates attend as possible. Word of mouth and electronics are the way to go!

***We need someone who can create a website and link the reunion to Facebook. If you are knowledgeable in this regard and are willing to help, please let us know. WE NEED YOU!

We are excited and hope to hear from you soon! Please feel free to contact us directly.

Robbin Strong Jones robbin_jones@hotmail.com 919-649-5129
Chuck Kohout charles.kohout@gmail.com 716-310-0075


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