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Hi, Classmates - We are starting to talk about a 50th year reunion in 2020. If you would be interested in helping, or have some ideas please let us know. And please send all your contact info to Kathleen Gilden Ganz at


Class of 1970 Reunion
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Bill Schrameck '70 said:

1970 Williamsville North -50th reunion- 2020-Do you Believe it
.this was initiated by Kathy Gilden -Bill Schrameck- Kathy Trauffler/Schrameck hooking up at the
recent Will North -50th year anniversary festival and homecoming.oct12th,2018.

Jim Bielmeier and the Schrameck's had discussed this 1970 -50th year reunion in casual meeting.

So Here we are doing a lunch meeting at Glen Park Tavern throwing out ideas. So biggest job is getting out the word & finding the GRADS after 50 years.
Lynne Duethorn /Newhouse- 70Class officer has expressed interest to be on the reunion team.

So if 70 Grads -Will North have info on your network of friends/Associates during High School years now is the time to get the word out.

Contact Info for the 70 Reunion committee:
Kathy Gilden , 716-812-1298 - Coordinator Especial.
Bill ,716-984-3240
Jim Bielmeier - 716-553-4610
Kathy Trauffler/ , 716-725-1367
Lynne Deuthorn/ , 716-648-1867

Please send emails with contact information of any and all Will North Grads

Bill Schrameck (AKA Judd)

Robert Shorr '70 said:

Maybe combine 69 and 70 to get more people? I skipped my senior year and half my junior year so I am not sure which "class" I am in :)


Robert Shorr

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