Class of 1969 50th Reunion Class of 1969 50th Reunion


October 12th, 2019 6:00pm
(ending October 13th, 2019)


Shackamaxon Country Clun

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Chris Warter '69 said:

A Blink of an Eye

I remember going into Junior High School and being afraid. It was so large and seemed very intimidating. How could I possibly get thru this, I thought to myself. I blinked and I was gong into High School. Oh my God, I thought, now I had to take a foreign language and had some of the toughest teachers I could imagine. There was no way I could get thru this. Then I blinked and I was at graduation.

Off I went to college. I was one of 30,000 students and was in a state that I had never been in before and not exactly sure where Indiana was located. Boy had I made a tremendous mistake, I thought. I will never get thru this. Then I blinked and I was at graduation and heading to Law School.

The first day of class, the teacher informed us that over half of us would flunk out that year. I knew that I would be one of them and on top of that I was getting married right after the first year’s tests. Then I blinked and I was married and graduating from Law school.

I blinked a few more time and I had three children and then five grandchildren. I had left the practice of law and had started my own businesses. One more blink and I was on Social Security and planning my retirement with my friends.

It seems like life has gone by in just a few blinks of an eye, but what a trip it has been. So much to look back on and share with family and friends. I look forward to seeing each and every one of you at the reunion, and I promise not to blink until then.

Chris Warter

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The class of 1969 experienced history on a regular basis: The Summer of Love, the Tet Offensive, Nixon's rise to power, The Beatles' creative peak... very few spans of time can claim to have shaped American culture as much as the late 60's, and you & your Westfield High School classmates experienced it together.

Now as you and your fellow Blue Devils prepare to enjoy retirement it's the perfect time to reunite and share where life has brought you in the last five decades. Your reunion is scheduled and AlumniClass is your spot for arranging travel plans, ordering custom Blue Devils merchandise to show off your school spirit, and connect with classmates ahead of time.