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October 15th, 2015
(ending October 18th, 2015)


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Hi Classmates,
The VHS Class of 65 Reunion Was Great!

Wow, what a great reunion. The weather was great and the classmates were special. As before, this information will be on the VHS Alum website:

Some reminders:

Everyone should have received an email to view the 1965 reunion website to see what we have posted so far. You will receive a reminder each time new items are posted. So!, remember to send the pictures you took to: veniceclassreunion65@gmail. com
Suggestion: Each time you pull up the site, click on "slideshow" just above the album you are in and then "full screen". Jackie Durfee!

*** You Can Still Send Me Your Info ***
The VHS class of 65 “ What Have You Been Up To” request. We will still be gathering three to five sentences of “ What Have You Been Up To” information for each classmate, even if you can’t make the reunion. It’s always fun to see what everybody has been doing for the past 50 years. If you wish to provide such information, please send it to in the body of an email. The document containing the 65 classmates information is attached in two formats, .doc and pdf. If addition classmates info is added, another WHYBUT will be sent out. .

What folks have said:

If you wish to comment on the reunion, please feel free and sent it to me.
HI Classmates,
For those whom chose to not attend our 50th class reunion for one reason or another you missed a great time. I reunited with John Gillies, after 50 years, Steve Bradley after 43 years, and my best man Doug Shell after 30 years. I thought that I would never see these friends again. Also saw classmates that you don't see very often. I want to thank all of our classmates that put this reunion together, they did a fantastic job. Hopefully you plan to attend the 55th reunion.

Thanks Classmates,
Terry Haskins
A simple THANK YOU to each and everyone of you for your efforts to make our 50th VHS Class Reunion such a "smashing" success! From the first gathering at Left Coast Seafood (ok, some of you guys gathered on Thursday PM to celebrate your "football hero/macho stuff"...well earned and deserved ...congrats!); to the beach, to the memorial, to the dinner, to the brunch.... ALL of your efforts were recognized and appreciated by those in attendance!

Friday evening at the Left Coast reminded me of "Black Friday" (shopping day after Thanksgiving) because there were soooo many good peeps to visit with and not enough room to breathe .... no fault of anyone's .... actually when you think about it, it an AWESOME turnout of a whole decade of people who grew up or graduated from VHS and came back to celebrate our heritage!!!

"Saturday at the Park, I think it was the 4th of July".... ok, wrong song!!! Saturday at the beach was great! Sherry and John, your planning for the weather was must have a "pipeline" with somebody from above! The location, food and company were wonderful! Great opportunity to just "drop the pretenses" and just be ourselves"!

Sally, Georgia, Sherry and Chuck, the Memorial Table decorations and Memorial Board were awesome. Sally, gathering the information on all of whose who are no longer with us was an huge undertaking....thank you for tracking them. The fact that the Memorial Board and Luminaries were transportable, and then the Luminaires could be illuminated ... made it possible for those unable to attend the Memorial to reflect on those gone before us.

Nick, your message was PERFECT! You spoke from your heart ~ touched my heart and those of so many other attendees! Your copper butterflies were a precious gift that any/all family members will cherish forever. Each time they look at them, they will remember the special connection you drew between their loved one and all the remaining members of the VHS Class of 1965!

Linda and Paul, what a great place to choose for our dinner! It was so much fun to walk up to the front door and see all those green and white balloons.....then continue on inside where everyone seemed to be celebrating OUR special occasion! I enjoyed the reconnecting time, sorry I wasn't able to remain for the celebratory dinner (though I have heard through the grapevine that the prime rib was cooked to perfection!" If you made those balloons appear, THANK YOU! I think it was a spirit lifter after attending the Memorial Service for those no longer with us. Good choice and THANKS for doing that!

Ah Phil, Snook Haven ~ you couldn't have gone wrong!!!! Those of us here for our 45th Reunion had such a good time couldn't possibly have topped that... BUT, by golly, I think you did! Personally, I love the relaxed atmosphere, good food and opportunity to "hop about" and visit....but...the best of this place is knowing that one of ours, Jim Zacharias, lived here when we were growing up and he CHOSE to come back and spend the day with us!!!


If you find something missing, please don't share it with me; I am in awe of what you all were all able to accomplish!

I am proud & privileged to have been a member of the VHS Class of 1965; consider it an honor to have had the opportunity to share this time working with you on the planning and coordinating of this event!

More important, I thank you all for this opportunity...please allow me to quote from one of my favorite singers, Delbert McClinton.... "I had a really good time"!

Janie Bruin/Gilman


John Henne and Sherry Steele

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