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We are just now putting together this reunion and would appreciate suggestions/recommendations about what month/date works best. We are thinking it is best NOT to link it with July 4 and earlier in year is better. Suggesting a Saturday afternoon/evening drinks/food at the Trinity Brewery and Sunday coffee/brunch somewhere. Please let me know what thoughts/preferences you have for date/time/venue etc. We'll put it together best way we can.

Class of 1972 - 50 Year
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Debbie Anondson '72 said:

Hi John~ Kyle and I will be there and I like the idea of late May and Trinity County Brewery on Saturday and Brunch on Sunday. My cell is 530-524-3308 and email is Thank you for starting the conversation....

Posted April 5th, 2021




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Harry Stortz '72 said:

John I’m in, whenever and wherever. Thanks for taking the lead. Mobile 805-657-2394 and

Posted April 5th, 2021


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Roger that, Harry. Stay tuned for updates.
Last reply posted April 5th, 2021

John Underwood '72 said:

Please encourage any/all you know from Class of '72 to enroll on this site so we can begin sending e-mails as we develop the event. My e-mail is: Phone: 206-849-0022

Reminder... this is for NEXT YEAR, 2022.

Posted April 4th, 2021


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John - Thank you for taking on the task of coordination our 50 year reunion. I like the idea of Saturday drinks/food and Sunday brunch. I am also in favor of not to July 4th. Late May might be a good time. Weather is iffy but shouldn't be too bad. My email is phone 804.539.5790. Hope you and family are doing well.
Thanks, Pat... Stay tuned.
Last reply posted April 5th, 2021

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