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christopher crossan

christopher crossan

Class of 1996

Hello I am Christopher Crossan I would love to show off The Timken Sr. High School Tribute Car Named T-1. Timken Sr. High School Tribute Car Named Trojan-1

I have built this car. I am a Stark State Automotive student so I used this car as my tech project.

Some information to start with: It’s a first for the stark state automotive program. You see each automotive student must do a technical project. This tech project can be a 20 page report or something like an engine or tyranny rebuild. However I am the only automotive student in the history of stark state college to rebuild a whole car inside and out. I did a total rebuild and when I say total I mean everything was torn down and rebuilt.

When I was at Timken the guidance counselor would not let me in to the automotive program because I have asthma. I told her that I had been working on cars since age 7 without problems. So I did not go in to an automotive program until I started at stark state college.

I came up with the idea for the car in the summer of 1992. It was to be at that time a 1992 cavalier Z24. But in Feb. 2005 in my first year at stark state college, I changed the idea to a 1991 cavalier 4-door with a twist.

Why Timken : well, I had just joined the Timken marching band and at that time 9th grade was still at the Jr highs/middle schools that's why canton city let all soon to be 9th graders join the Timken or McKinley marching bands.

Why it’s unique.
I am an automotive student at Stark State College in Canton Ohio. I have been a gear head since birth; I have been working on cars since age 7. I have just completed my project car which started out life as 1991 Chevy Cavalier RS 4-door sedan. Now my car is a 1991 Chevy Cavalier Z24 4-door sedan, that I have named Trojan One. I went to Timken S.R. High School in Canton Ohio; I am a proud member of the class of 1996. This car I used as my tech project at Stark State College and I received an A for it. Since my car is finished I have made a DVD to show you and some other great people what I have done. I am sending only seven copies out to: Mr. Jay Leno, the Timken Alumni will receive a copy as will CCSTV and a family member and a friend or two. This has been a long and fun project that started as an idea back in the day in the summer of 1992. Now here in the year 2007 that dream has been made real. I could never have imagined that when I was a young boy of 15 that one day when I was a young man of 30 that this dream would come out so well.
I would like take a moment thank God, my family, Timken High school, Timken Alumni Association, my friends, Mr. Jay Leno, Stark State College, Stark State’s Automotive Instructors, Progressive Chevrolet, Tim Sanders, Bernie Wymore, David Worshil Inc, Canton Auto Salvage, E-Bay, Dan’s American tire, Grimminger Transmission, Fender Vender, and, For whom this would not have gotten off the drawing board so fast. Also for the knowledge and fine parts and other great pearls of wisdom I got from these fine people. I have done a lot of hard work taking this car that I bought for $200.00 and turning it into an automobile worth 2,000 and maybe more. To me this car is priceless and no amount of money could ever be placed on her.
The DVD shows every bit of work that I have done to Trojan One from 2005 to 2008. I have made some updates here in 2008 that are not on the DVD. However I sent a copy to Mr. Weary and Mr. Gongaware. It also shows photos of the new Timken campus and all my photos of Timken first band trip to Disney world, Universal Studios in Florida. I hope you all enjoy this DVD and see that this is more than just a dream and a cool car it a success story. This is a success story for Timken High School, Canton City Schools, and people like me.
I said it before and I’ll say it again this car shows what can be done when a young person sets out to make a dream come to life. Don’t dream it be it make it happen. Don’t sit on your back side. Get up and rock the world. I have had no easy road to get this far in life. I am a highly intelligent young man even though I was told when I was a kid that I was learning disabled and had ADD that I would not amount to much. That did not stop me plus I don’t be leave I had either of these. I have pushed on I will complete my automotive degree in December of 2008 and in June 2000 I earned my culinary arts degree. I lurn best when shown how something is done and I do take my time when I first start out. Once I get the hang of it there is no stopping me. What I am saying is no matter what someone says you can rise up and win the day. I hope to teach at Timken high school one day as an automotive instructor. I look forward to a long and great life and career in the automotive field.

Cars use

This car is for the use to show what any young person from Timken can do. Also when anyone who is told they are LD (luring disabled) can do. That LD means lurns different it does not mean local dummy. I have had a 3.0 grade average at Stark State College and a 2.9 while at Timken. This spring & fall of 2008 my grade average is 3.3 cool I say.


Christopher M. Crossan

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