Alumni Homecoming Activities Alumni Homecoming Activities


October 29th, 2010


Knights of Columbus Hall - Hwy 79

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Alumni Homecoming Activities When: Friday, Oct. 29 Where: Knights of Columbus Hall - Hwy 79 Doors open at 9 a.m. with coffee tea and cookies. but the actual luncheon starts with food being served at 11:ish to 12:30 ish. Program starts at 12:30 - I will have tables marked for classes - we will get the program underway and it all should be over by 2:30 or so....Again this year we are doing the dance of the era - with Duck Clark from Duck Bandstand and this is where the hi steppers do the dance the way they think and then the class gets up and does the dance. I dont have my notes here but for some reason I think someone turned in the dance of All right now...I think...LOL... so it will be like 1 min or so you guys have to do your thing.... Then after the luncheon the Duck Room will be open till 6 - or they can go to the HS and go to the pep rally or whatever. LUNCH is usually around $6 or $7, I believe!

Alumni Homecoming Activities
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Sheila Ross '70

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