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Fiskdale, Massachusetts (MA)

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Andrew J. Rich Obituary

Andrew J. Rich attended Tantasqua Regional High School in Fiskdale, MA. View the obituary, post a memory, or share a photo about Andrew J. Rich.

Graduation Year Class of 2009
Date of Passing Jun 08, 2018
About Andy fought a battle that many of us will never have to fight, it's a lonely and life long battle that few survive unscathed. Full of peaks and valleys, long dark periods and bright days that you wish would never end. Everything ends at some point though, and Andy's battle ended on June 8th 2018. That doesn't mean that Andy won't live on through the people that he touched during his life. Throughout the years Andy made so many friends in so many corners of the world. He always had a way of making any situation better. Between his perfectly timed sarcastic comments, and his knack of getting everyone involved in his outrageous plans, it was hard not to be sucked into his life. Andy was a fighter for what he believed in, and would take out anyone in his way. When he cared about something, he was so passionate that it would consume him. Andy cared deeply for his family and friends, and would have done anything for them. Andy taught us many things, even in his passing. He taught us how to love and to cherish what we have, while we have it. And he taught us that you never know what people are going through, and what kind of support they may need. Andy lives on in the hearts of many, as a reminder to love more, live life to the fullest, and make a difference along the way.
Andrew J. Rich