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Asheville, North Carolina (NC)

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Mariana (mari) Vandiver Phillips Obituary

Mariana (mari) Vandiver Phillips attended T.c. Roberson High School in Asheville, NC. View the obituary, post a memory, or share a photo about Mariana (mari) Vandiver Phillips.

Graduation Year Class of 1964
Date of Passing Jan 01, 2016
About Mari who is a paralegal for 20 years/became a police officer on Charlotte police force for about five years/married Captain Phillips after his wife passed / fateful servant/loved the Highland games a Grandfather Mountain/even though life became difficult at times, she did not dwell on it. (PS: She had rheumatic fever as a child; after a shoulder operation, the doctor had her take large amounts of ibuprofen – – causing cancer as a result of the rheumatic fever when she was a Young child)
Mariana (mari) Vandiver Phillips