SWH ALUMNI get together for the 2019Kis met Little Worlds Fair SWH ALUMNI get together for the 2019Kis met Little Worlds Fair


August 30th, 2019
(ending September 2nd, 2019)

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Here is the deal. We are planning a get together for all SWH ALUMNI, all Kismet High School Alumni (since they are going to be having a reunion at that time anyway), and all Plains High School Alumni (even though they are having a reunion earlier in the month). We are doing this in conjunction with the 2019, 100 year, Kismet Little Worlds Fair celebration. Here is what we are doing.
I contacted Coach Scripsick and they are have a football and a volleyball scrimmage on Friday evening, 8/30/19. We will have a tailgate cookout at 6:00 in the parking lot. At that time we will have time to eat, visit with classmates, and watch the scrimmages. There will be no charge for the meal but a donation would be accepted. There will have a full slate of activities at Kismet, for people to attend on Saturday, 8/31/19 through Monday, 9/2/19. We will be getting the flyer out for the 2019 KLWF activities in a short period of time so people will know what is going on. It would be helpful to have an RSVP just so we can plan on the number of people planning on attending the cookout. We always have one of the finest and largest parade in the area every year. If any class would like to participate in the parade, we would help get a vehicle or a trailer found for you to use. If there is anybody that can contact some of their classmates further, please feel free to spread the word.
For information or RSVP you can contact:

Cindy (Wettstein) Colmer, Class of 67, @ Ckcolmer@gmail.com, 361-463-9415

Pam (Wettstein) Lara, Class of 70, @ pslara3@icloud.com, 316-259-6604

C.J. Wettstein, Class of 72, @ cjwpheasant@hotmail.com, 620-629-1342

We hope you can attend and help us celebrate our 2019, Kismet Little Worlds Fair, 100 year celebration.
Thank You,
C.J. Wettstein

SWH ALUMNI get together for the 2019Kis met Little Worlds Fair
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