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Savanna Class Of 1974 50th Reunion


November 28th, 2022

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We are working on finding all our 1974 Classmates. Please go to Class Creator dot com and join us while we plan the 2024 Reunion! Call Kathi Bellanca Fried @ 714 968-7233 or text me @ 714 296-2398 so we can include you in our planning! The Reunion will most likely take place in September or October of 2024. We have not chosen a venue yet and that's what we will be concentrating on in the next 6 months while we keep looking for our friends in our class. We hope to hear from you very soon!!!
Kathi Bellanca Fried

Savanna Class of 1974 50th Reunion
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Robin Leach '74 said:

To Savanna 74' Rebels , please join our website for our 50th reunion in 2024. We want to have the best reunion ever but we need to have an idea of how many classmates are interested in coming. We know you cannot say if your going to be there if you do not know when or where it is going to take place. But we cannot get that information form all of you.
Kathi Bellanca has been a major part of each reunion we have had in the past. Her committees have done great in the past BUT we want to make our 50th the best reunion ever.
Please join and be part of our reunion.
Thankj you. Robin Leach, part of your reunion committee

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