Class of 1970 Fifty Year Class Reunion Class of 1970 Fifty Year Class Reunion




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We are just gathering emails and phone numbers, Everything TBD later!! Debbie Foster, Mary Alsip, and Ken Rodkey, and Gary Rochelle...Please send your contact info to Mary,

Class of 1970 Fifty Year Class Reunion
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Paul Goodrich '70 said:

When Brian posted the comment above, fall sounded like it was a long way off. As the saying goes, however, "Objects on calendar are closer than they appear." What are the thoughts of the class on this -- should we nudge the committee in the direction of something virtual between now and the end of this year, with an in-person followup at a later date, or just wait for a better opportunity for that in-person gathering?

Brian Anderson '70 said:

Reunion should be planned for late summer or fall even and only if airlines are operating. I have to fly from New York.

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