Class of 1980 — All Class invited Class of 1980 — All Class invited


August 1st, 2020


Undetermined - Please send suggestions.

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The Sandy high school class of 1980 invites all night to attend our 40th reunion during the weekend of August 1, 2020. Details to be posted at

Class of 1980 — All Class invited
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Carl Axness '68 said:

This is a good idea. I am a member of the 1968 class, but had younger friends that I would like to see. Also there are fewer attendees as the years go by. I an not sure if it wouldn't be better to organize a + or - 5 yesrs event centered on the organizing class, i.e. 1975-1985. Not sure if you young whippersnappers would want a bunch of old fogeys attending.

Eric Maddy '80 said:

We need all the help we can get. Please contact me at 505.304.1265 or if you can be of assistance with decorations, planning and/or contacting classmates, alumni and faculty/staff. We would love for you to join the committee.

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