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The Riverview Comm.Schools Supt., Should step down

My name is Jerry Olseski, Jr.
I am an alumni of the Riverview Comm School District.
I am a 1994 Riverview Comm. High School, graduate.
I am calling for Supt. Russell Pickell, to step down as Supt. of
the Riverview Comm School District, effective immediately.
I call on the REA President and its members to do a vote of
no confidence.
I urge the other unions to do the same.
I strongly recommend that the school board, do a no confidence
I strongly believe, that we as a district can do better.
The reasons for it, are as follows:
1 The growing defect.
2 The lack of leadership.
3 The lack of respect shown, for the REA members and REA President.
4 The disrespect shown at the community.
I watch the videos of the school board meetings.
I am sick and tired of the bashing of the teachers.
You need to be more respective of the teachers and this community.
You haven't.
You need to go.
No body, is going to support you.
You Sir, have got to go.
I urge all alumin, of the Riverview Comm School District, who
still live in the city, to vote No, on the Bond.
Jerry Olseski, Jr
Riverview Comm School District Alumni
Riverview Comm.High School Graduate
Class of 1994
Go Pirates!

posted July 17th, 2014

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a detox treatment. Body detox procedure removes
bodily toxins.
Meditation removes psychological toxins.
By:Jerry Olseski, Jr., Meditation Director

posted July 17th, 2014

The REA President Does Great Job

My name is Jerry Olseski, Jr, and I am alumni, of the Riverview Comm School District.
I am a 1994 Riverview Comm High Grad.
I support REA President Bill Beson.
I have watched the school board meetings, by video.
I am outraged by the current Supt. Of schools.
I had Mr. Beson, as a choir director, back in the day.
He is a great leader.
He cares about people.
I sick and tired of this Supt. being disrespectful to the REA members and the REA President.
If the Supt. cares he should apologize for his actions.
I am not a member, just a caring alumni.
I do not support this current Supt. and school board.
I feel, that Riverview Comm School District, needs a new Supt.
I support the REA members and President 110%.
Jerry Olseski, Jr.
Riverview Comm School District Alumni
Riverview Comm High School Graduate
Class of 1994-Go Pirates

posted July 17th, 2014

Riverview Comm School District, Needs a new Supt

I feel that the Riverview Comm School District, should look, for a
new Supt., after the current Supt contract with the district is up.
I think it is time for a change.
Who should replace the current one?
The Riverview Comm. High School Principal, should be the next
Supt. of the Riverview Comm School District.
If the Principal at RCHS, wants the Supt, post, I think he do an
excellent job.
I am not saying that, because I know the Principal, personally.
I do know him.
We all know him
I will give his name, JJ Hatzl.
I know JJ Hatzl, as a good honest person.
JJ Hatzl, Riverview Comm School District, next Supt.

posted July 16th, 2014

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