Ridgewood High School Class Reunion Is Happening, Join the Class of 1971 Now!

Class of 1971 Class of 1971


October 6th, 2022 7:00pm
(ending October 8th, 2022)


Ramsey Country Club
105 Lakeside Drive Ramsey, NJ , Ramsey , New Jersey , 07446

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About Event

We have the Ramsey Country Club for our venue on Thursday October 6th. We choose a Thursday for several reasons. First and foremost, all weekend days were booked because of pandemic delayed weddings. Also, the week night pricing is less than weekends. Finally, since most of us are retired or semi-retired, week days should not be a work interference issue. The Ramsey CC is 6.1 miles from RHS due north on Franklin Turnpike. It is less than a mile from route 17 where hotels of every stripe are clustered. Unlike our last reunion which was held in a windowless dungeon-like cavern, the Ramsey CC is surrounded by well-lit windows with an outdoor venue for cigars, a putting contest, a stroll, etc. (NJ legalized recreational marijuana on April 21...)

The Ramsey CC website is www.ramseycountryclub.com . We do not have to give a head count to the CC until Sept. 30th, one week before. They will allow walk-ins who pay at the door, although we don't expect many, if any.

Attached is the CC menu. The pricing is reduced $7 for week nights and another $5 for being a friend of a club member, $12 off of the listed prices in total.

As for music, we may be able to get Chuck Andre to perform. Some of you have heard his band, Smokin' Mirrors, 12 and 15 years ago at the Ridgewood Elks Club. Fantastic music! Chuck has taken the band solo. He is booked almost every night for the rest of 2022 in the Venice FL area where he now lives. He performs at restaurants, bars and retirement homes. I can't think of any better music than our own home-grown variety. If we cannot secure Chuck, we will settle for a DJ.

I expect the price to be less than $100 per person if we opt for a cash bar.

So what is left to do? A lot!

- We need everyone to contact every other classmate they know to spread the news.
- Does anyone have the expertise to set up a website where people can visit and sign up?
- Does anyone (or maybe a committee) prepare some fun things for the special day? Email a questionnaire, etc.
- All ideas to make this our best reunion yet are more than welcome!

The reunion is on a Thursday. The next day on Friday evening there is a home football game against Wayne Hills (See Chuck Johnson in shorts - he is still the head football coach). On the next day, Saturday, there are guided tours of the high school, a homecoming coincidence. For those with the time to spare this can be a three day trek down memory lane.

That's all for now.

RHS Reunion or Bust, John

John Marshall


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