RMHS Class of 78 Fortieth Reunion! RMHS Class of 78 Fortieth Reunion!


June 30th, 2018 7:00pm
(ending July 1st, 2018)


Rockville Hilton

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Hello everyone,

This is a reminder of the RMHS Class of 1978 40th Reunion. Please check out the link below to buy your tickets online or find out where to send a check by June 1.


Once in the site click on “read more” for the full agenda and additional information on how to honor those that have passed away, advertise in the reunion booklet, or make a donation to help support the events.

Also by June 1, if want to upload any pictures to be shown at the reunion, you can upload them here:


Remember, you can also look us up on Facebook and get in on the discussions.

Many thanks to all who have already registered and all who are helping to organize the events. It’s going to a lot of fun!

Cheers, Julie McClung and the reunion team

RMHS Class of 78 Fortieth Reunion!
Reunion Committee

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Chris Hekimian '78 said:

Hi! it's Chris here with exciting reunion news!

First, be prepared to see and purchase awesome RMHS Class of 78 40th reunion gear thanks to Kathy (Krall) Leach-- this stuff really looks good. Thanks Kathy!

Second, be advised that Friday the 29th is a happy hour at Millers Ale House on the pike- -get ready for some trivia - - where Shakeys used to be. There is no cost and no host. Join us for free and pay for what you want. Everyone is welcome!

Third, we aren't getting a whole lot of people uploading pics to our Shutterfly account. Don't take your pics for granted! remember what we had to do to get a photograph back then? If you have any nice pictures from RM days please log in to our shutterfly account using the link and log-in information below and upload them. Otherwise, I guess you could send them to me. If you have any pics of our departed friends send them to me. There are so many-- I count 22 of us <gulp>. Please take care of yourself and know that every day is a gift.


You will need to log in with this email addy and password:

Email: rmhsrockets1978@gmail.com
Password: rockets78

Fourth, whether or not you are coming to the reunion, you can opt in to our directory which will be e-mailed to those that opt in after the reunion. So far about 15% of you have opted in. I suspect that number to rise. Life is too short not to touch base with old friends.

Fifth, I've been informed that the committee has a limited number of reduced cost tickets for people that might be stretching their summer dollars a little far. If you'd like to inquire about these tickets please respond to me at this e-mail addy or to Julie McClung at Julia.McClung@yahoo.com. These tickets might be reduced by half or more.

Sixth, If you can think you can get any 1978 Rockville trivia questions past our reunion attendees, send the questions and answers to me and we will put them on cards for our DJ.

As always, you can purchase your tickets on our eventbrite site at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/rmhs-class-of-78-40th-reunion-event-tickets-42656369349
You can also go there to get more details about the event and other ways to purchase tickets. It would be ideal if people would purchase their tickets before 1 June so we would have a good idea of the head count.

Seventh, Please let Stefan Grossman know if anyone would like to purchase an add in the reunion program. time is running out! Stefan's addy is stefangrossman13@gmail.com.

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