Class of 1969 Reunion Class of 1969 Reunion


September 28th, 2019 2:00pm


Private estate
rsvp for address , Milwaukie , Oregon , 97267

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Menu is a crab feed. An ice bucket will be provided for those wishing to bring wine or beer. Set up and visit at 2. Crab at 5.

Class of 1969 Reunion
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Katherine Koch '69 said:

Many replies from different places later and here's what we've got.

Crab feed at the private estate
Saturday, September 28
Set up at 2pm
Feed at 5pm
Ice buckets provided for those who would like to bring their own wine or beer.
Still investigating price. Thinking in the neighborhood of $35 per person.
Please RSVP thru: OR OR OR
The fb page Rex Putnam High School 1969

IF you have already confirmed . . .no worries.
I am keeping a master list and you are already on it.
If you know of anyone that has not heard about the reunion, please connect them to one of the sites.
If you know of those who have passed, please let me know so they can be part of a memorial booklet.

The fewer PM's I make the better. There has been a lot of hacking lately to our member's accounts. Event address will be sent individually after rsvp is received.

I will be asking for help on decorations, history, pictures and financial set up. Feel free to jump in and volunteer!

Will post details as I have additions.


Posted August 28th, 2019




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Katherine Koch '69 said:

Ok, everyone, here are the current stats:

There were 237 students in our graduating class per 1969 yearbook. 78 of us are part of the fb group, and 58 have registered on the alumni high school website with some duplication.

15 have voted on venue and/or rsvp'd yes and 12 have rsvp'd no.

The weekend of Sept. 21-23 has thunderstorms forecast for all three days. Excellent weather forecast for Sept. 29

Simply meeting at a restaurant and visiting would work but would not give us the same opportunity for posting memorabilia or a more private setting. The private estate is still available at no cost other than food. Waiting to hear from two other smaller low cost venues.

We could become known as the class who celebrated 50 years during year 51. However . . . based on the lackluster response, I'm not sure postponing would make a significant difference.

Your input is welcomed. It seems reasonable the people planning to attend or at least wanting to should make the final direction decision.

Here's my personal 2 cents: I'd like to celebrate! I'd love to re-connect, catch up, enjoy each other maybe for even longer than one evening. We are a group of really talented accomplished people. I think a crab feed would be fun at the private estate complete with fire pits, bibs, wine . . .

what do you think?

Posted August 20th, 2019




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The class of 1969 experienced history on a regular basis: The Summer of Love, the Tet Offensive, Nixon's rise to power, The Beatles' creative peak... very few spans of time can claim to have shaped American culture as much as the late 60's, and you & your Rex Putnam High School classmates experienced it together.

Now as you and your fellow Kingsmen prepare to enjoy retirement it's the perfect time to reunite and share where life has brought you in the last five decades. Your reunion is scheduled and AlumniClass is your spot for arranging travel plans, ordering custom Kingsmen merchandise to show off your school spirit, and connect with classmates ahead of time.