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Redlands High School 50-year Reunion For The Class Of 1972


April 9th, 2022 4:30pm - 10:30pm

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There will be a golf event on Friday, April 8. You MUST join our free class website: for all registration and payment details.

50-Year Reunion for the Class of 1972
Reunion Committee

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Recent Comments

Dalene Voss '72 said:

Hooray... indoor mask mandates have been removed!
(however, feel free to wear one if you want)

Time to sign up today!!!
The deadline is approaching
there will be NO signups at the door.
NO entry unless you have pre-registered!

We have a wonderful venue and great meal for you !

Sign up TODAY !
You don't want to miss out !

Mark Robinson '72 said:

What are the details? where? Hotel location? When? Other events?
Mark Robinson

Mark - Go to the Class website: and join the website. You will be able to register and get all the info there. Hope to see you in April!
Last reply posted March 4th, 2022

Dalene Voss '72 said:

Don't delay! Time to get those reservations in... looks like we are having a great turnout so far... but your name is missing from the list!
California updated Covid restrictions so no indoor mask mandate (unless you want to) !
Your Reunion Committee has worked hard to provide you with a great dinner and golf event ... don't disappoint your "old" friends !!! Life is short... ENJOY !!

Dalene Voss '72 said:

Don't miss out! Be sure to sign up today to join the festivities! Great food ! Great friends ! Be sure to sign up on the class website! Instructions on the Home Page!

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