Class of 1986 36th Reunion

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Class of 1986 36th Reunion Class of 1986 36th Reunion


September 10th, 2022

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Hi Everyone! 36th Off The Wall Reunion Update:

Date: Saturday, September 10, 2022
Time: 1:00 - 4:00pm
Place: Joe Gatt's - located at the 4 corners in Penfield.
For all you who used to live at JG Crummer's back in the day, Joe Gatt is the JG of Crummer' we know he will help us host a great day!

Ticket details and updates to follow and will be posted on this Alumni Class site and on our FB class page (Penfield High Class of 1986).

Please share the updated details with all your '86 classmates who are not on social media. Encourage those to join the fun online! Currently we have 252 members on our FB page and 97 members on the Alumni Class page.
The following words were used to kick off the invite to our 30th reunion. No need to one-up the previous...all still applies. So here it comes again....
Party Hard Get Your Kicks Cuz We're The CLASS OF '86!!!
School's out, memories past, but don't ever doubt, the Class of '86 will last!
There was a time when we watched the clock...we waited for that bell to ring. There was a time we sat together....we became friends. We cried, laughed, fought...fell in love. We grew up and maybe...grew apart.
Each of us has taken a unique path over the past 36 years. Let us remember where we came from, who we grew up with and the faces that shaped our childhood.
We were Off The Wall when we graduated in '86. Still Off The Wall celebrating our 36th....1 year from today! The countdown continues!

Class of 1986 36th Reunion
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Stacey Yeates '86 posted a photo:

Come join the fun!

Stacey Yeates '86 said:

Hello Chiefs!
We are attempting to track down all of the 86ers. We posted some "missing" classmates on the Class of 1986 FB page to see who can help us track anyone down and I'm posting here as well for the same purpose. If you are in contact with any of our "missing" classmates, would you please share the reunion details with them? Or if you would like to send me their contact info, I'd be happy to reach out too.

Thank you!
Chris Abbott
Pamela Abromovitz-Glatter
David Adams
Kathy Adams
Kathleen Alberti-DiSalvo
Tom Albrecht
Rick J Aldrich
Loren D. Alston
David M Altman
Judy L. Anfuso-Harrell
Bruce A. Babcock
Matthew Baker
Mark Ballou
Carrie Baroody-Johnson
Mike B. Bauer
Christopher N. Bethel
Peter Bianchi
Nana Yaw Boaitey
Rick M Bohn
Patrick J Borrelli
Michael Boyer
Paul Braband
Michael Braiman
Tammy Brooks-Bowman
Cheryl Brotsch-Hayden
Mark Brown
Karl Buer
Ruth Burday
Kim M Carpenter-Fayco
Mike Chinelly
Doug Christopher
Aimee Civalier
John Clark
Timothy E Clouthier
Sean P Cole
Christopher Cook
Christina (Tina) Cosmano-Ellis
Ernest Daniels
David Dawson
Madhavi Deshpande
Mark A. DeWaters
Liem Van DihnHeidi Eberhardt
Scott Ebersol
Rob Edwards
Jim Edwards Michael Eisenhart
Lori Ferguson
Michelle J Fiandach-Naccarella
Allison Flanders-HitzemanLiz Foster
Nathan Frank
Nichole Fredres
Jennifer L. Glenn-Wolfanger
Gary R. Goslee
Oleg A. Gostomsky
Michael Grota
Howard J Haas
Teri Hamilton-Allart
Michael T. Hammell
Marna B Hayes-Dove
Kevin M Heald
Bonny Hermanson
Patti A. Higginbotham-Peet
Jennifer JohnsonAdam L Jung
Patrick KanealeyEunice K. Kim-Ju
John Kirby
Susan Klose
Cindy A. Kodak-Byrum
John J. Koomen
Jamey Koratsis
Todd R. KurowskiJudy Lancaster
Steven Later
Matthew Lehr
April M. Light-Catcpole
Kevin Loiacono
Sharon A Lorenzo-Krueger
Noreen A. Lourette-Kremer
Karyn Luke
Mike Lutzky
Thilo Mahnken
Sue Mandabach-Blozen
Michael Anothony Manigoult
Mike L Martin
Kathy M Mastrandea
Lesley McConnellBabett A McEvilly
Laura McManus-Pendleton
Bill Meagher
Kimberly Mitchele-Bone
Renee Miller
Mark Moore
Tammy Morris-Mastro
Maria Mroczek-Larner
Kathy Mytych-Ballou
Lynn M Nicolosi
Scott P Odle
Rob Pankrath
Jennifer A. Parkman
Leonard W Patti
Sam Pavone
Greg J Palma
Phillip Prestianni
Tim Randolph
Susan Roman-Culhane
Joel M.. Ruben
Kim Ruggieri-Martin
Daniel Russ
Kim A. Russi-Heusler
Pat Ryan
Lynne M. Sali-Franco
Arthur G. Salvione
Clarence D. Raymer
Howard H. Raymer
Leah Reiss Brennan
Tricia A Schum-Delaney
Sandy J Seachman-DeSmedt
John E. Seegler
Nara Y Shiao-Bennett
Jeffrey L. Shirley
Kristen L. Singer-Reed
Jeff Slaucenburg
Timothy Slaucenburg
Timothy Spangenberg
Wendy Rice-Schlosser
Kelly Stickle-Catone
Mark Stratton
Nancy Swarthout
Timothy Talbot
Daniel Tedesco
Daniel Thiele
Mark J Trickey
Paul Turianski
Christy ThomasLauren J Urich
Lynette A Vallecorse
Kristen Vallone
Anne M Vandemar
Victoria Vandenburg-Naulleau
Jay S Vangraafeiland
Lori Van Nort-Ehmer
Cathy Vogt-GrahamBrandon Wahl
Pat Walsh
Mary Beth Wiedemer-Ebersol
Michael C. Wildman
Jennifer Williams
Jason Weiner
Donna Wimbley Seward
Karen D. Winkelbauer-Lombardozzi
Susan J. Wolf-Neuroth
Debbie Wood-Makhanova
Thomas Zambito

Stacey Yeates '86 posted a photo:

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