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Class of 1970 50th reunion
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John Eickholt '70 said:

Thank you for getting the planning process started. I am very interested in attending and I am open to pretty much any arrangements. The only request I have regarding the date is to please not schedule the reunion on the second weekend in October. Thank you. Also, I am not certain how I can be of assistance with the planning given the fact that I live in northern Wisconsin, approximately 5 to 6 hours away, but if there is something I can do I would be happy to help out.
I will look forward to seeing you and a number of other classmates in 2020!!
John Eickholt

Posted July 6th, 2019




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Dave Sibley '70 said:

Class of 1970- I am interested in getting our 50th reunion going. Let's start with some information. When you have time, post a response to the questions below (and add any other information that you think is pertinent)

When should we hold the reunion?
Where should it be? (be specific if you have a place in mind)
Should there be multiple events? (Many classes take a tour of the school or meet more informally on the same weekend as the reunion)
What type of format would you like for the reunion- dinner, snacks, band, etc.?
Cost limits?

Dave Sibley

Posted July 3rd, 2019




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