Oelwein High School Class Reunion Is Happening, Join the Class of '79 - 50th Birthday Bash Now!

Class of '79 - 50th Birthday Bash Class of '79 - 50th Birthday Bash


August 27th, 2011


Leo's Generations Bar - Oelwein Iowa

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Attention all '79 Classmates!! We are hoping to have a 50th birthday bash for no reason other than to see how many we can get together! Please contact me for more details. We would like to get a head count so we can warn the bar ahead of time to expect a crowd! If you have facebook look up one of the people listed below to be invited to the birthday bash event page. So far we have 91 classmates and still looking for more!!!!! Hope to see you there!

Class of '79 - 50th Birthday Bash
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