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class grades response

I think it all depends on the kid.
The kids that are organized and on top of assignments probably don't mind the gentle reminders. But the kids that struggle might not fare too well with the extra pressure.

Back in the seventies our parents were alot more involved and less stressed. I think this works well for those parents that are working, raising kids and all the other things that they have to do. The idea of using technology to improve communications is a good. Heck there are even nanny cams at my kids daycare. I can watch her from my desk at work, in case she slugs another kid during class.

posted December 9th, 2008

Class grades

I guess this is all in how you look at it. I keep track of my niece's progress. She appreciates the reminders as she tends to get lax sometimes and it lifts her up. There is nothing wrong about a child knowing they have someone to answer to. Adults get into certain positions because they do not have someone to keep them in check. Self discipline has to be learned and when it is then you have earned the trust to be on your own.

posted May 8th, 2008

class grades response

I don't know who wrote the previous comment saying we are "spying" on our children, but obviously you do not have children of your own. If we had had this when I was in school, I think I would have tried much harder. And why do you think the kids are going to distrust everyone just because their parents can keep an eye on their grades? In this day and age, YES, DON'T TRUST ANYONE!!! But parents being able to keep an eye on their childs grades does nothing but keep us informed if they are starting to slack off. Have a kid or two and then come talk to me.

posted May 1st, 2008

Class grades, security updates

I don't know about all this. Our parents had a general idea of whether we did well or not, the specifics were up to the kid. But knowing every assignment,is obsessive, and not necessary to get equiped for life. It promotes distrust, and decreases dignity, I think. Honesty is better .Just ask your child "how are you doing in school?". If he lies, your problem is not with school. Are the children of today learning to be independent, honest, and respectful of other peoples privacy, or are they learning to spy with the new technology, and do whatever it takes to look good under the microscope? This entire "monitoring" program speaks of distrust , and teaches it also , I think. So in the end, we get exactly what we don't want- kids turned adults who fear someone looking over their shoulder, and distrusting their neighbor. Maybe I'm over reacting, but I don't like spying. There is something dark and lurking about it. I was an "A" student, and did'nt want everbody to know it. I hated the cliques and "class" structure in high school, as well, and this seems somehow a part of that. Oh, well, just some thoughts. Don't get too upset!

posted April 24th, 2008

Class grades & weekly reports

Do you realize how much guff we would have gotten if our parents would have had a computer? Northmont schools now have each childs weekly class progress online. Homework due and turned in, points possible and received, class work due and turned in with points possible and received. Also a link to each teachers email so the parents can make a quick note. This is great for the children of today.

posted December 17th, 2007

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