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Class of 1972 Reunion Class of 1972 Reunion


November 11th, 2017 6:00pm
(ending November 12th, 2017 1:00pm)


Route 38 Bar and Grill (Former Dips)

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Decided to keep it simple this year...order off the menu or...if you want...we can also have the owner make us a special item like ziti or the regular banquet stuff. She will be getting me the prices on that and I will forward. I have been using Facebook for contacts...and my email is

Right now, I am trying to get a head count and am in the process of getting ahold of the band. If not Mike's band...then I have another idea. I am not sure of the price yet.

The class of 71 went there last year and they had a good time. I like how easy it up...order and talk to your long, lost classmates. Simple. So far, I don't have any additional costs except if we wish to order banquet food instead of off the menu, or both.

Good music, good food (pizza looks fantastic) and lots of wonderful old friends. How easy is this?!! Please tell me asap if you can join us...and if you can contact others that do not do Facebook or are disconnected from our world : ) Get them to the party!!!!

Love you all...still feel you are all like family. It never gets old.

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Class of 1972 Reunion
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Sandy Graham '72 said:

Newark Valley, New York (NY) - the young ones!
Hello all. Class Reunion Update. I tried to download our bird logo...but only found other things. Don't we use the Cardinal anymore for a logo???? Where have I been? Oh My.
Anyway, if I find a logo...or if any of you graphic artist type people named Joe who would like to create a poster...please message me. We have classmates that would like to post them.
So, here's the skinny:
Class XXXX know...Yaman, Graham, Wiki, Haupt...that reunion (no year date required).
Where: At Route 38 Bar and Grill (Old Dips)
When: Sat. Nov. 11th. 2017 6:00 pm. Be there.
What: Order off the menu. I will provide a menu someday soon.
Who: Our class...but also the band we have enjoyed for the past 2 reunions to keep us dancing and "alive" all night long!!
Band will start at 7:pm and go til 11 pm...unless otherwise altered. Option is 8-12. Can you guys still stay up that late???
Band: Sorry forgot the name (Celebrations?) Mike Hilliar lead singer with Sue female singer, Glenn on drums, Jeff on Bass and Jimmy. The band has a fee, we will split it between the group and also pass the hat if we don't get enough committed classmates. There may be others from other classes or just regulars at the bar...enjoying the music. This is the only fee you will have to pay besides paying for your own meal and drinks. Cash bar.
You may message me, call me, email me...send a pigeon...I don't care. But...please let me know if you are coming and who else you can reach out to. We will keep it simple.
Cheers! Sandy (we have 23 coming so far!! Yeahhhh)
P.S. Need to hear from Scott and Linda, Marsha, Harry and Peggy, Sue, Loretta, Tim and Anne, Linda E, John and Ann, Joe and Tamara, Brenda and Martha, Norma, Jack, and any others that were or were not at our previous reunions. Please.

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