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NCHS Class of 1970 Reunion Planning We are in the advance planning stages for the 50th Class Reunion. At this time we are looking at the Friday/Saturday dates of August 21/22, 28.29 and September 11/12. The plan is to do a meet and greet with a cash bar and casual food for Friday night and a more formal sit down dinner for Saturday Night. Other plans include tours of the High School and Naperville Trolley rides for Saturday activities. A brunch the following Sunday morning is also a possibility. We are exploring venues for these functions and have some potential locations in mind.
At this time, we are looking to find the level of interest in this proposed Reunion so that we can begin to refine the space requirements for the venues and tours. Let me know if you think you will be able to attend.
In the past we have sent out a mailing about the Reunion, but our mailing list is now 10 years out of date and is not reliable. There are various sites that our fellow classmates belong to such as and Facebook Naperville the Way it used to be (and others). The goal is to centralize the information and response path and it looks like this is the best site for that to be achieved.
While many of our classmates belong to one or more of these social media sites, there are others who are not. If you would help spread the word of the reunion and have them set up an account here it will facility the overall planning.
I look forward to your comments and interest as we continue to refine the reunion plans.
Bill Jahnke

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NCHS Class of 1970 50th Reunion
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