20th Reunion for the Class of 1999 20th Reunion for the Class of 1999


November 29th, 2019 7:00pm - 10:00pm


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UPDATED on 8/14/18 @12:32PM - More info to come...

From the reunion's Facebook event page, "I was just asked what the plan was for our 20th high school reunion and I want to hear YOUR ideas! I had a blast planning the 10th year reunion during the summer of 2009 with classmates and will need the same. If you were unable to attend last time, please join us and bring any guest if you would like. Erin (Boshe) Malay will be helping me plan; can you also help? The reunion again will of course include classmates that started MMRHS with the class of 1999. It would be helpful for everyone to share this post AND "invite" mutual classmates from their "Facebook Friends." The point of our reunion is to have fun and make new memories. Many of us in attendance at the 10th year reunion made new relationships and reinforced old ones. Next year's 20th reunion will most likely be held on the day AFTER Thanksgiving (11/29/19). At night we will have a closed adult reception dedicated to our class and prior in the day a family friendly event (hopefully) at MMRHS. Kid(s) not needed to attend this day event. Everything is tentative as this is OUR reunion and we keep getting great feedback from everyone. Which classmates have ties or leads to a nearby location, DJ, food, drinks, decor and/or etc.? Any help is greatly appreciated and you do not need to live in the area.


Event listed on Facebook; please email me if you are not able to RSVP/get info/etc.on that site.

Thanks! Odessa Bates

20th Reunion for the Class of 1999
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