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Dear fellow 1969 MHS classmate,
I am probably the last person you would expect to be writing you – alright the second to last. I will only tell you who the last person would be when I see you.
And that is the purpose of this letter.
I want everyone who graduated from Marysville High School in the year of our lord 1969 - to get together for some kind of event for our 50 year class reunion.
How’s that for getting the point across.
Anyway, what I am saying is we have all survived to the ripe (and I do mean ripe) old age of being in our 60’s and whatever we have done or accomplished is to get to this age on our own. How we got here – we all have a story and we all made it. I would like to hear your story. And the only way I want to do that is for you to tell me in person.
It is not too soon to start to think about this get together.
For some it may be too traumatic to think about those high school days. For me it was a very trying time. I was, if most of you recall a real introvert. My class prophecy was “I would still be running from the girls”. And that is still true today. I get at least one female bill collector that calls me on a daily basis. And I still won’t go out with her. Have you ever seen a female bill collector? She could whip my butt in a New York minute. And if she was half way good looking, I would let her.
What I personally would like is for everyone to join me in a get together at a time and place that works for most of us. At this time of our life it is a time to look back. It was those high school days where we grew up. My sister, who is five years younger than me, has fourteen grandchildren, and I have none, recently said I need to grow up. I did tell her that out of love and respect for her I would do so – by the time I turn 90. I figure it won’t matter – I’ll be dead, she’ll be dead, or maybe both, but if not I doubt either of us will remember. And at that age what is grown up?
That is what has got me through life to this point – humor. If I am not able to laugh at things, and yes I do cry, but it is the humor which helps me through every day.
I personally would prefer to set up a separate weekend for the reunion rather than memorial weekend. And if everyone thought so, we could do it in Kansas City or somewhere else. If there is enough interest I may have a location in the Kansas City area where we can do this.
So, let’s start doing a little thinking and planning. I would like everyone to make an effort to come back to the 50 year reunion. Since I am technologically challenged, maybe someone could take the time to create a MHS 1969 Reunion Facebook page, so we could all exchange thoughts/ideas….

class of 1969 reunion
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