Martin Luther King High School Class Reunion Is Happening, Join the Class of 1982 40th year reunion Now!

Class of 1982 40th year reunion Class of 1982 40th year reunion



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I have a venue in mind. I will do further investigation. Anyone interested in helping to plan and or ideas/connections please let me know. I’m thinking about planning for Thanksgiving weekend. Once we have a commitment and or idea of how many people are interested we can plan more appropriately. So please RSVP ASAP. Thanks

Class of 1982 40th year reunion
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Dee Floyd '82 posted a photo:

I’m not able to remove this message, because I didn’t write it. I have no idea who wrote about planning a reunion. But my plans are the correct and most current information! Class of 82 reunion will be held at the Lu Lu Country Club on Saturday October 22nd 8pm to 12am

Darlene Gibson '82 said:

So, since our reunion has already been planned and scheduled by our reunion committee, you can disregard this reunion. Thanks