Class of 1979 (40th Year) Reunion Class of 1979 (40th Year) Reunion


October 19th, 2019
(ending October 20th, 2019)


Undetermined - Please send suggestions.

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Hi Fellow Classmates! It would be great to have a 40th-year class reunion! I've never been invited to others so don't know if they have been taking place through the years; however, this is a big one! Please write whether you'd be interested in having the reunion where it all began - New Orleans!!!


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Eunice Joshua '79 said:

Dear '79 Classmates: I now see that there is another class reunion that invites all classes from 1967-2006, which includes our class! It is scheduled for mid-June so read more about it. We can participate in this class reunion instead of creating an additional one. Hope to see you there!

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