55th Class Reunion of Class of 1963 55th Class Reunion of Class of 1963


August 18th, 2018 5:00pm
(ending August 19th, 2018 4:00am)


2637 Academy Road , Lebanon , Tennessee , 37087

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About Event

Casual dress. Cash bar. Dancing with DJ bring music from 1950's thru 2018. Must select your entrée as will be grilling on sight; i.e. chicken, steak, and salmon.

Recommended Hotels

: Sleep Inn and Suites
615-449-7005 local number
150 South Eastgate Court
Lebanon, TN 37090 Request Blackhaven discount at this site

55th Class Reunion of Class of 1963
Reunion Committee


Recent Comments

Sandra (sandy) Hicks '63 said:

Dear Classmates:

We have only about two months until our reunion on August 18, 2018. Time to decide!

To date we have only nine--that's right, nine--responses from people who are coming to the Reunion. Possibly your reply has slipped your mind. There are another 75 of you that have not let us know your plans. We thought we would have at least 30 attendees plus guests. Is there something amiss that I don't know about?

In order for us to be able to plan properly and get the food, entertainment, and other set-ups and amenities prepared before the last minute, we need to know: (1) how many people plan to attend and if you are bringing anyone with you, (2) the kind of entrée we should purchase (see attachment), (3) the seating requirements prepared, (4) the band retained, (5) and all the other little arrangements done prior to the date of the gala.

I am attaching the original letter and registration sheet for your convenience in having the information available.

I have had letters returned by mail (I sent everyone a snail-mail invitation also.) so I would appreciate it if you could send me your correct address; or, if you know how to reach any of these people, please send me any contact information you may have.

Kell Fuller
Charles Hughes
Judy Johnson Barbee
Mike McElroy (2)
Bonnie Omohundro Moon
Carl Smith
Ronnie Tate

We had 114 in our original Class of 1963. We have 23 who have passed away. There are 22 of you that are thankfully on Facebook-- but most of those also have an e-mail address. There are several whom I have never been able to contact.

If you are sure you will not be attending--for whatever reason, please let me know. Frances Hutson Young is working on a trip to Maplewood on either Friday or Saturday and I will send you the details as they become available. If you are interested in attending that tour, please let me know that also.

As I age, I become more attentive to spending time with the people I treasure--those who have helped create so many fond memories and have shared memorable times and events over the years. The years in high school were some of the most important, precious, and formative I have had the honor and privilege to experience. All the sports events, proms, parties, bus rides,embarrassments, academic competitions, and, of course, the knowledge we were able to fit into the important stuff, have shaped and developed us into the people we face in the mirror every day.

I hope we have many more reunions to share in the future. I also hope you will try your very best to make this year's festivities. I look forward to seeing you on the 18th!!!!!!!!!! Don't hesitate to call if you have questions.

Love to all,


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