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2007 Class Reunion 2007 Class Reunion


June 2nd, 2017
(ending June 3rd, 2017)



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2007 Graduate - $ 80.00
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Amber Wingfield '07 posted a link:

Hey everyone! To pay for your ticket for the reunion, click on the link Tickets are $80, which includes your meal and the open bar. See you all June 3rd.

Amber Wingfield '07 said:

Warren T. Shorter Jr.
March 20 at 10:22am
Whats going on folks. So its officially spring time and June is right around the corner. I know everyone was excited and there was a lot of talk about this reunion coming together. At this point we need participation from everyone so we can secure the venue in a timely manner. What's not going to happen is waiting until two weeks before and have everyone decide they want to attend. We are going to be a little more professional than that. So if we can get everyone that plans on attending to send in their $20 to the paypal account by this coming Friday, that would be great. Preferably sooner than that. We have a few more days to keep the Camelot on hold but June is a busy season for events in general and they are not going to hold it without a deposit. Amber QueenWing Loftin is keeping track of everyone's balance as they make a payment so no need to worry, the finances are organized.
As of now, the plan is to have a buffet with an open bar all night. There will be other things going on throughout the night like recognizing people that are doing good things in the community, spotlighting entrepreneurs, and if anyone has any ideas they would like to incorporate, definitely feel free post them. The organization phase is coming to an end we will be on to executing soon. So again, lets get the money in but Friday so we can solidify the venue and move forward from there. If anyone has any questions don't hesitate to ask!

Amber Wingfield '07 said:

Hey Everyone! This morning went well. We took in consideration all the comments posted on the page and used them to come up with this:
Everyone go register on the site. It will make planning, sharing, and executing the reunion
The Class of 07 Takeover, #07Takeover #Wethebest
Date: June 2nd -June 4th
Order of events:
Friday, June 2nd, 2017: Night Cruise
Saturday June 3rd, 2017: Bowling 12pm-2pm; Cookout 3pm-7pm; Formal Evening (TBA based on poll)
Sunday June 4th, 2017: Until Next time Brunch 11am
We are working on the locations for the cookout and formal event. The cookout, we are looking at Largo, but if there, know that we won't ave alcohol and we hope to make it for us to bring our families (kid(s) or partner). By December 3rd, we will have he locations set. some of the places were were looking at are:
~The hotels we plan to block off for those coming out of town
~Metro Points Hotel
Our next meeting is December 3rd, when we will start planning the actual activities that will take place during the cookout and formal evening. If you would like to be apart of the planning, December 3rd at Wegmans should be marked on you calendar lol. There will be food too!
Lastly, Nate Saunders came up with a great idea. There are 259 people in this group. If each of us pay $20/month starting December 3rd-May (totaling $120) this could alleviate the need to fundraise and cut down on ticket cost, and that would raise close to $30,000.
Check out the polls and feel free to add your thoughts and suggestions in the comments and on December 3rd

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