Lakeland High School Class Reunion Is Happening, Join the LHS 10 Year Reunion Now!

LHS 10 Year Reunion LHS 10 Year Reunion


August 22nd, 2009


We have decided to have the class reunion at 59-West, on Saturday August 22nd, from 7pm-12am. (

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We chose this location and date for several reasons: -Given the survey feedback, Saturday August 22nd was most preferable -Most people did not want to spend as much money for a sit-down dinner -Most people preferred to have the event at night -Given the economy and the fact this is a hard time for most people – and to be as inclusive as possible – we wanted to select somewhere that did not require money upfront -People can order appetizers and drinks from the bar where the group will be. There is also a restaurant attached, if people wish to have dinner. We really hope everyone chooses to come – it will be great to catch up and see all the great things people have done in the past 10 years.

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