50th Reunion Class of '71 50th Reunion Class of '71


January 5th, 2021
(ending April 5th, 2021)


Undetermined - Please send suggestions.

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Give us some ideas to celebrate this momentus occassion!

50th Reunion Class of '71
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Craig Carmean '71 said:

Yes I like Warren's idea, that sounds great. Ready to party with all of you and see what we have.

Posted January 11th, 2021




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Warren Alvord '71 said:

How about depending on the time of year we rent a couple of pontoons and head up River to Pirate's Cove. They're only appears to be about 14 of us registered on the site and as I recall the last time we got together that was about all we had. Then we could just spend a couple of hours up there having lunch couple of cocktails and then I leave early trip back down river making a couple of stops here in there for swimming etcetera and then perhaps hang out under the bridge at the blue chair for some dinner and more cocktails.

Posted January 9th, 2021




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