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My name is Eric Swanson, currently a coach at LC Anderson High School. We are currently meeting every Wednesday night @ 8pm on zoom with athletics alumni from all the years of LCA. Our mission is to select and induct an inaugural Hall of Honor class on May 15th 2022. If you are an alumni of LCA and competed in any athletics related activity or were a coach at any point at LCA, please email me: eric.swanson@austinisd.org. We'd love your help in forming, nominating, and selecting the first class. Please also forward this information to your teammates and have them reach out to me as well.

***If you are a class representative in charge of organizing reunions, connecting classmates, etc, we would greatly appreciate your help in collecting contact information for LCA alumni.

Thank you all!!

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Terry White '81 said:

My name is Terry White and I'd like to nominate my self and Kevin Dukes from the class of 1981 to make the inaugural Hall of Honor

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