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1952 Class Reunion 1952 Class Reunion


September 1st, 2012


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Kuna High School, Graduating Class of 1952, 60th Year Class Reunion Questioner A. Songs I remember from1952________________________________________________________ A play list will be made and the songs will be played during the evening B. What I would like to do at a reunion________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Be very careful in filling out the “B” space. During the reunion you may be given the opportunity to do these things for the entertainment and amusement of the “mob”. The “mob” response will be used to judge the winner of this category. An appropriate prize will be awarded. 1. How many children do you have? _________________________________________________ 2. How many grandchildren do you have?_____________________________________________ 3. How many great grandchildren do you have?________________________________________ 4. How many times have you been married? __________________________________________ 5. I wish to address the class, YES____NO____Subject__________________________________ 6. Did you enjoy High School? YES _____NO_____WHY________________________________ 7. Who was your favorite teacher? __________________________________________________ 8. Remember what happens at the reunion stays at the Reunion. 9. How old will you be in Sept. of 2012? _____________________________________________ 10. How old do you feel? __________________________________________________________ 11. If you could repeat High School what would you do different?___________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ 12. Share a brief history of your life, where, when, why, what, who, make it up, make it interesting------- lie,-------- we won’t believe all of it anyway and if the conversation lags it will give us something to talk about besides our health. Outrageous claims will be rewarded.___________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 13. I prefer the following date for the reunion, September 7,8 & 9th,_____:14,15, & 16th_____;21,22, & 23rd_______;28, 29, & 30th______. 14. I plan to attend the reunion., YES _________NO________________________________________ 15. I would like to help with the reunion YES______NO_______________________________________ 16. Who should be invited, surviving spouses___, teachers___, Class of 51___, Class of 53___, etc 17. My worst memory of high school_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 18. My best memory of high school______________________________________________________ That is enough, if you need more space just add more pages, if you think of other questions, send them in with your answer to the proposed question, your answer will be, typed up, copied and handed out to the other members of the class at the lunch on Friday. Please enclose a photo, current or old, makes no difference, we already know who you really are and what you usta look like. Send Internet replies, comments, criticisms, suggestions, etc. To wrwall@aol.com or by regular post. .

1952 Class Reunion
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William Wall '52

William Wall '52

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