Class of 1970 50th year reunion Class of 1970 50th year reunion


August 14th, 2020
(ending August 15th, 2020)

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Dear Classmates,
We all hope this finds you well. Hard to believe we are closing in on 50 years. A reunion is in the planning stages for Saturday August 15,2020 (and something very casual on Friday August 14, 2020). Site details, etc. are still works in progress. Finding as many classmates including those who have passed is the critical job right now.
There are several commercially based web sites including this one where class members are starting to sign up and look for information. The committee has developed a “free to register on” and “free to use” website. New sites can have "bumps" in the early stages. But to date it has appeared to have worked well and has some fun features (e.g. checkout the music option). In the end we hope that this free class web site becomes our ‘go to site’ for sending out emails with updates, managing class lists, etc. There is no need to stop using this “alumni” site or any other you may be on since you likely paid something to be on it/them. We will attempt to monitor them as best we can. But, we encourage users to register their name and contact information, etc. on the class website. The desire is to gravitate to a single source for the organizers to reach out to you with information, with your help find as many people as we can and keep everyone up to date as plans move forward.

The website is:

Please bookmark it for regular visits.
It may ask for donations when you register. It is not necessary for registering. But, if you can throw a few bucks in the pot it helps to maintain the site both now and in the future.
The second big “ask”, is to find as many classmates as you can, get them to sign up on the website. Please use your social media site, groups or organizations you belong too including their newsletters or bulletins, your old-fashioned address book, phone calls and texts.
Please do not assume others know anything about this reunion or where to find out about it.
Questions can be directed to the sender or the class of 1970 Gmail address recently established. Understand it may not be monitored each and everyday. Please add this contact to your contacts.
KCHS Class of 1970 email address:

In time look for a Facebook page as well.
Thank you to all for your help and we look forward to seeing you and as many others as possible in 2020. Find classmates and please enter your information on the website as soon as you can. There will only be one 50th reunion. Let's make it very special for as many as we can. Save the date. Find your yearbook and try and tell me we don't all look even better today! (Okay, I might be proven wrong in a couple of cases.) Be well.
Dick Wunderlich '70(committee helper)

PS:If you know of class members who have passed, please send a copy of the obituary to the gmail address or other "proof" and details. Always so sad. God's speed to them all.


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