John Swett High School Class Reunion Is Happening, Join the 40 year reunion class of 71 Now!

40 year reunion class of 71 40 year reunion class of 71


October 8th, 2011


Tina's in Pinole

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In order to post this annoucement I had to put something in for a price, I have no idea what dinners cost you can call if interested? This is a new resturant in Pinole across the street from the Antlers. Kenny Kahn is actually in charge of this one and doing the reservations.Let me know if you plan to attened and how many people and I will forward the information to him. You will be paying for your own dinner and drinks at the restuarant. There has been a suggestion of going across the street when dinner is finished and continue our event at the Antlers! So the price may actaully be a lot less!!!!!

40 year reunion class of 71
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David Murray '71

David Murray '71

Reunion Coordinator

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