Class of 1960 Reunion Class of 1960 Reunion


July 15th, 2020 4:00pm
(ending July 16th, 2020)


O'Loughlin's Restaurant
5980 St. Paul Blvd. , Rochester , New York , 14617

ticket prices

O'Loughlin's is a casual restaurant with outside seating on the deck overlooking the River. - $ 1.00
Golf and boat ride - $ 1.00
JMHS tour - $ 1.00

Invited Classes


About Event

The committee will meet late in March and at that time we will iron out the details of any additional activities. O'Loughlin's is all set (rain or shine). The tour of the school is free. The get together at O'Lee's - you will only be charged for what you drink and eat. I don't have prices for the other events as of yet.

Class of 1960 Reunion
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